Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Obama

Wouldn't you think they would have better things to do ?

  Dear Mr. Obama.

                I read today from the UK Examiner, that the NSA on behalf of your administration is collecting phone call information from the cellular customers of Verizon.   This would particularly apply to calls between the US and another nation, or another nation to the US.  Apparently, you believe that the Patriot Act gives you the ability to collect hundreds of thousands of phone calls and look for patterns.
                Of course, the mainstream media in the United States is too incompetent to report this to us. It took a rag from the United Kingdom to bring us the truth, and now, once again, we are a laughing stock as everyone from Deutche Welle to Russia Today are reporting this in horror.  It seems foreigners don't like their personal conversations with length of time spoken recorded when they call here !  They apparently don't trust that you won't get the wrong end of the stick !         
               As  Verizon customer who calls internationally on my cell, I am not thrilled either.  You are wasting the valuable tax money I have given you, to monitor my calls, when in fifty years, I have never had as much as a parking ticket.    Have you heard of probable cause ?      I have decided, so that you might feel comfortable stopping this practice to tell you the nature of my international calls, right here and right now.  This way, you can place your attention on what I see as more important things, such as perhaps the economy,  cutting government down, unfunding Obamacare, relinquishing presidential war powers, cutting the IRS down to size, and that resignation speech for you and Mr. Biden, which is due in just a few weeks.

I don't recall the dates, but these are the phone calls I made on verizon internatiionally so you can cross me off your list of potential terrorists.

All of my international calls on Verizon were to Canada in the last couple of years.

Call #1     Call to plumber to have system flushed in our summer house and turned on for our visit.

Call #2     Call to caretaker to let him know when we are coming.

Call #3      Call made from our Verizon cellphone to home to make sure kids at home are ok while we are there.

Call #4     Call rec'd from Harbor Freight while in Canada.  They wish directions for delivering some farm equipment to maintain our tractors. I referred them to our son at home in the US.

Call #5    Call to our home in US again to check on adult kids and teens and animals.

Call #6     Call to Bank of America to assure them that it is ME trying to use my credit card in Canada
               and telling them that I already notified them that I would be here. They must be friends of yours.

Call #7     (From Canada to Canada, using US Verizon phone) Call to plumber to have water tank in summer house replaced.  Rubber diaphragm inside tank is not used often, and this ages the tank faster than usual.

Call #8     (From back in the US to Canada)   Calling caretaker to see if our house, his family and his home is intact after terrible storm which did significant damage to the area in Canada where our house is located.

       There may be a couple of dropped calls as I began to make the calls as listed above.
Now that you can see I am not any type of threat to anyone, perhaps you can stop monitoring my calls for where and who I am calling.    This will save your recognizing patterns for numbers I am calling and getting some judge to record my conversations only to find out that my greatest crime is leaving a small bag of trash at the house in Canada which was not divided into the six different groups of trash necessary in Canada before turning them in for recycling.   Fortunately, our caretaker took care of it, and so I am not wanted in Canada for a failure to properly recycle in a timely manner.

         I'm glad we had this little conversation.  Don't you feel better ?  By the way, my audit from the IRS last year came up completely clean......Surprize !   Perhaps you can look into that chocolate price fixing the mainstream media mentioned today.

     Sarah Slean                                          Napoleon   (Remind you of anyone ?)


Matt said...

As I understand things, it's for all U.S. calls.

While this is bad in any light, honestly.... they've already been recording the whole call for some time now.

Mamma Bear said...

It's getting crazier by the minute!...We use Sprint but sometimes,even if it;s a local call, we get a message from Verizon that our call can't be completed as dialed and we need to dial the area code. I wonder if this has something to do with what you have found out?

The only overseas calls I have made recently is to all the customer service 800 numbers that has been shipped out of the country.

Matt said...

Jane I just had that confirmed on Fox just now about the calls themselves being recorded.

JaneofVirginia said...

Basically, everything we know this administration is doing, we don't like. Imagine the things they are doing on our tax dollars, that we don't yet know about !

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes Matt, My post is a tongue-in-cheek commentary with regard to the UK Guardian. However, the Bush administration started some of this following the Patriot Act. It has been expanded by the Obama Regime. I have heard that the massive data centers the NSA keeps houses every call, every e-mail, everything. The problem is that I don't trust this regime to use this data simply to look for potential terrorism. They have already proven that they spy on journalists and that they harass those who oppose their political beliefs, using the IRS. This is not a trustworthy administration.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

George Bush isn't president so all is well, had he done it there would have been protests in the streets and burning of flags.

Matt said...

Jane I knew it was tongue and cheek. But not everyone knows that more than just the phone numbers and date / time stamp are being recorded.


russell1200 said...

Very suspicious... Only 8 calls. Obviously you are using some alternative nefarious method in your quest for world conquest: carrier pigeons or some such.

BBC said...

Only about four people have my phone number.

End each call with, "It's done but there's blood everywhere." Then hang up.

JaneofVirginia said...

You're quite right. Mr. Obama has received a pass on everything whereas George W. was criticized constantly, often unfairly.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Matt. I'm not surprised. Mr. Obama is working on being the Tyrant-in-Chief, and is looking for a lifetime appointment as US Emperor.

JaneofVirginia said...

Russell, I can barely take care of the animals on my farm. I don't know if I can handle carrier pigeons too. Besides isn't the present administration shooting them all down with drones ? ....oh silly me, those were civilians standing in the same zip code as terrorists. I don't think I can even spell neph..... neffar.....neffareous.....oh drat, what YOU said !

JaneofVirginia said...

Doesn't Lotta Joy end all her calls that way already ? LOL

Kristin said...

Preach it sister!

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks for the encouragement !