Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome to 12-12-12

My prediction is that 12-12-12 will be a sleeper.
     I am not a big believer in numerology. I am also not overly superstitious.  10-10-10 came without incident in 2010. 11-11-11 came and went in 2011, and how, here we are at 12-12-12.    Yes, I am ordinarily prepared for things which could happen on any day of the week. However, I have made no particular advance plans for this day.
              We need to guard our hearts from becoming too upset in these times.  There are real reasons to be disillusioned with federal government. There are reasons to be concerned about public education. There are reasons to be concerned about an impending national health mandatory system in the United States.  There are reasons to be concerned about the US economy and the availability of jobs.  However, the date reaching an arbitrary date on the calendar, is not one of them.
             Let me also take this time to weigh in that the ending of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/12 will not trigger a cataclysmic event.  Oh, there may be political or other events which are negative, but those would simply be coincidental.  Try to deal with the challenges we can reasonably anticipate, which include floods near bodies of water, winter storms, economic challenges, earthquakes, etc.   When the times are good, celebrate that too.  Have a good 12-12-12.


russell1200 said...

Lots of box cars lined up with 12-12-12 (or in dicing terms 6+6, 6+6, 6+6). On the first pass, boxcars means you have "crapped out".

JaneofVirginia said...

Well the government certainly has, but we knew that before 12-12-12. I am not fond of trails of sixes either, and once turned down a license plate with three sixes, but I am still not numerological superstitious as so many are.

lotta joy said...

At twelve noon I made the comment that it was 12-12-12-12:00. No biggie, but if we went back to a little superstition, maybe we'd feel better just by not opening an umbrella in the house. Real life is too scary to properly put into perspective.

JaneofVirginia said...

Real life is scary indeed !

jambaloney said...

i agree 100 % jane!

every day is a potential doomsday or sleeper, we should always be ready for both! as you pointed out, a "day" isn't dangerous... an earthquake is!


JaneofVirginia said...

Cheers to you also, my friend.
I send hugs and best wishes always to you, and to your lovely wife.