Friday, December 14, 2012

Guns Aren't the Problem

Plenty of law abiding people own these, including a lot of soccer moms.

     Today a terrible thing happened.   A disturbed young man shot his father in New Jersey and then proceeded to seek his mother, a kindergarten teacher in Newtown, Connecticut,while she was working at the Sandy Hook Elementary School..  He proceeded to kill six adults and twenty children, before eventually taking his own life.
       As the mother of a child who passed in childhood, I have some idea of the depth of the sorrow and loss of the parents of those children, and tonight I am praying for them all.
                       It took CNN and other outlets only about five minutes before they politicized this act and turned it into an appeal for tight gun control.   This is very interesting because Connecticut has some of the most restrictive firearm laws in the country.  So does New Jersey.  The young man was already breaking the law by being in possession of a weapon while under age. Secondly, his weapon was likely not legal in that state, and definitely not legal to have in his possession within a school zone. It's also possible that the rounds he used in killing his father were outlawed in NJ, as many of the better rounds are restricted to active law enforcement use only.   I grew up in the Northeast and I remain painfully familiar with the laws there, and the places in which I can't be safe by bringing my own weapon and chosen ammunition. Since this young man broke tons of laws and in addition, wore a bullet proof vest,also illegal there, one might wonder if additional laws would do anything at all.
                      It took President Obama no time at all before he emerged on television in tears promising gun control, but not today.   Is he insane ?   Chicago is a place where guns are tightly restricted and yet parts of it remain a bloodbath.    Virginia is a place in which we enjoy fairly fair gun laws, and our murders, rapes and robberies appear to be sharply decreasing.  Murders and robberies still occur in Australia, yet guns were outlawed long ago.
                     If you wish to protect those in schools, then license five people from each school as Special School Concealed Weapon Holders and train them in all 50 states. Allow them to take out anyone who comes to a school shooting.  The simple act of having Special School Concealed Weapons Holders in schools will stop attacks, and may well stop some terrorism, which according to US intelligence, is coming down the pike thanks to Al Qaeda.
                    Guns protect people like me,and my children from crazy people who would abduct, torture and murder us. Taking them away from law abiding people like me will do NOTHING to stop acts like today.  This young man ignored a myriad of laws.   If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

If it wasn't a gun, it would be something else. Look what happened in China today.

DFW said...


I have nothing to add, as you have so elloquiently stated the obvious. Agree with all you have said.

God bless, as you are living a thorough nightmare which I could not even imagine.

My heart goes out to you & obviously the others, in this time of grieving.

Mamma Bear said...

I agree Jane...Today with this violence in the US on the same day a many attacked a school in China with a knife. If someone wants to do something as crazy as this they don't need a gun.

If our laws would allow concealed carry in the schools it would stop these senseless acts.

My prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives today.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, we need better plans to protect schools, and innocent people from crazy people. Guns don't "think up" these things. My weapons have protected us many times, usually from wild or rabid wild animals and occasionally from an accelerating human being.

JaneofVirginia said...

It's been four years for us, and Christmases are always tough. Thank you for your kind words. My prayers are with these families for whom the journey of loss and grief is just beginning.

JaneofVirginia said...

Mamma Bear,
I would like to see them MANDATE a few concealed carries in each school.
My prayers are also with those families who will always feel Christmas as the time their child was taken from them.