Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boo Hoo, Matt Lauer


   It is not like me to poke a bear with a stick, or to kick someone when he feels he is down, but I read something yesterday in a number of news outlets.  Since this has appeared in so many places, there is likely to be some element of truth in it.  Apparently, Today Show anchor Matt Lauer is deeply upset that a large number of Manhattan-ites have jeered him or given him a hard time over the firing of Ann Curry.
                     I used to watch the Today Show, and frankly, the only person on it who did the job of being a responsible journalist was Ann Curry.  She not only objectively reported the news worldwide, and went places I would be afraid to go, but she spoke with people with intelligence and respect.  She didn't ask stupid questions of people who'd just watched a family member get killed. She also did some very good human interest stories which were well composed and well shown. She also worked hard to keep her biases, if she had them, in her desk drawer, and not in the report itself.

Being a mediocre journalist and then pushing to have those who are not removed, has its consequences.

                     In multiple reports, it appears that Matt Lauer renewed his 25 million dollar contract with the Today Show on the condition that Ann Curry be let go.  I suppose we can't have an actual journalist doing the job right along side the incredibly biased Matt Lauer Show, in which Mr. Lauer pushes to advance his ultra liberal agenda.  The last interview I saw Matt Lauer do with President Obama was so biased in Obama's favor, that I was surprised it didn't conclude with Lauer giving a back rub to Obama !   The Today Show has become news stories in which Matt Lauer advances a highly liberal agenda, mixed with often mindless pieces where thin young women talk about how one might make a poorly conceived dining room centerpiece which would fail next to the work of most fourth graders.  I can look at the Lands End catalog for the fashion drama provided on this program.   The program is only fluff with the occasional celebrity interview where they don't let the person talk.

Gosh, she looks good for 56 !


                   How out-of-touch must Mr. Lauer be to be surprised that he is perceived as a biased, out of touch, greedy person who wishes to use his position to advance an agenda that most Americans don't want ?  How could he think that he could muscle out Ann Curry, with absolutely no feedback from others ?
Apparently, this is translating into poor ratings for the Today Show as others are beginning to realize what I did a couple of years ago.  Others at the Today Show have suggested that perhaps Ann should have lunch with Matt Lauer, showing all that there are no hard feelings.   Ann, you should have lunch with whomever you want. I don't think you should feel particularly obligated.


DFW said...

Well said Jane!

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks. I just think he is out of touch, and I would like to see more credit given to Ann.

Gorges Smythe said...

Ann Curry has always been a lady. Matt Lauer has always been pond scum. I could never understand why they hired him in the first place. Now that Curry is gone, we don't have to worry about seeing Lauer, since we don't watch the show at all anymore.

JaneofVirginia said...

Gorges, Thanks for your post. You, I, and a lot of other people have apparently concluded the same things.