Friday, November 30, 2012

"What I Learned from Daniel" is Available Now !

The cover of "What I Learned from Daniel"    Our continued days on Earth are never guaranteed. A few of us really good folk are called Home, with no discernible reason.

      This week I learned that my second book

        What I Learned from Daniel             has been released.

         by Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel

   The publisher is still putting final touches on this book's website, and I have not yet held a copy of this book in my hand.  Still, it can be ordered right now, from the following sources.

   For now, this is where I noticed the book is being advertised:

On Amazon



Kindle variety:

At Barnes and Noble:



Nook is also available..


Over the next couple of weeks it's distribution will continue until it's available worldwide.
I will update this list, on this one post, and I will add this books website, as soon as it's ready.


              What has it got to do with preparedness and survival you ask ?  That's an excellent question.
Both Rational Preparedness and What I Learned from Daniel were written at the same time. Some mornings and nights, I was anxious to write chapters on the nuts and bolts of preparedness, and other times I was focused on how we psychologically survive when the worst of things happen.   Rational Preparedness is the action oriented brief text on preparing for emergencies.   What I Learned from Daniel is a tribute to our youngest son, and the story not only of how important he is and was to us, but how we move forward after a completely unexpected and supernatural passing.   There are clues to psychological survival of a family which following a true disaster, is important and necessary.

            What I Learned from Daniel is not a sad book.   It is a conversational journey through some of the busiest and happiest days of our lives and then through the shock of how an unexpected and instantaneous passing of a twelve and a half year old with no known medical issues, could occur.  Then, it traces some of the funny, bizarre, and unusual things that happened afterward, as our family learns exactly how to move ahead following the loss of our youngest member.  Daniel would wish you to be inspired.  We will all face losses and trials in our lives. This is how one family did it, starting with shell shock.   This book was released for sale, two days shy of the fourth anniversary of Daniel's passing from Earth.

           Daniel's blog, which has existed for almost four years now, can be found at:



Dani said...

Oh Jane - My belated sympathy on the loss of your son.

We have friends whose marriage did not survive the unexpected death of their eldest daughter, and the fatal illness of their second.

My heart goes out to all who have lost a child. You're all in my prayers.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Dani, Yes, many marriages end as a result of the loss of a child, or the serious illness of one. So many times, spouses and family members grieve on a different timetable and their grief differences create differences between them. We address some of this in one of the chapters of the book. Thanks for posting !

lotta joy said...

I can see a marriage in ruins after the death of a child. Each parent wants the other to grieve in the same way and when they don't, one parent takes offense that the other one isn't hurting as much.

Life is such a horrific series of losses. You've had more than your fair share.

JaneofVirginia said...
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