Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Discussing "Prepper's Home Defense"


   In my own book, Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness,  I make comments concerning home and personal security because my book is intended for a worldwide audience.  However, I knew that Jim Cobb, whom I consider a friend, was writing a book called Prepper's Home Defense, which was due out very close to the time that Rational Preparedness would be.  I therefore made the comments regarding personal defense which were important to me, and referred everyone to Prepper's Home Defense.  This seemed like a brave thing to do since I hadn't yet read Jim's manuscript or the book itself.   I did know, however, that in the years that I have known Jim that he has been a voice of reason and experience with regard to these subjects. He has worked in the security and investigation fields for twenty years and brings a broad range of experience and expertise to the subject.  He has also been a radio program guest on the subject and is a sane voice in the preparedness community.  Jim's book also has a foreward written by Jerry Ahern, his last professional writing before his recent passing. Jim and his wife Tammy have three sons, and so he understands our need to protect our families, the most valuable assets we have while here on Earth.    Yesterday, Jim's publisher sent me a copy of Prepper's Home Defense which I sat reading cover to cover. (Consequently, I didn't complete my TTD or Tasks to Do list yesterday.)
            First of all, I should say that Jim's book has been published by Ulysses Press, and that my book comes from a competing publisher, so I have no obligation to push a competing book other than to tell you it complements my own and will be of help to you. Jim Cobb looks at preparedness and survival from a different vantage point than I do, and it's an important one.  The book is comprehensive, orderly, yet conversational enough to read and digest quickly.  It is useful to those in the continental US, and also to those in other nations who might not have access to handguns or shotguns.

The full and most correct title of the book is:

  Prepper's Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family By Any Means Necessary

      This is a snapshot of the meat of the book itself, from the  table of contents:

Foreward  (by Jerry Ahern)

 Section I        Security Planning

  Chapter 1     Basic Security Concepts
  Chapter 2     Operations Security

Section II      Physical Defense

   Chapter 3   Perimeter Defense
   Chapter 4   Structure Hardening
   Chapter 5   Safe Rooms
   Chapter 6   Secure Storage and Hidden Storage

Section III    Prepper Armory

  Chapter 7   Firearms
  Chapter 8   Other Weapons
  Chapter 9   Hand to Hand Combat

 Section IV   Other Considerations

  Chapter 10   Guard Dogs
  Chapter 11    Communications
  Chapter 12    Mutual Aid Agreements
  Chapter 13    Children and Security
  Chapter 14    Bugging Out
  Chapter 15    Excursions


  Furthur Reading
  Recommended Suppliers
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  About the Author

             You can buy this book from a number of sources, the most convenient probably being Amazon where it is currently on sale.  This is the link:


           I like this book because it simply addresses security issues which are of concern in preparedness circles, and also because even after twenty five years of prepping, it gave me some additional perspectives especially in the areas of structure hardening, safe rooms, and communications.  I didn't even realize that we have a "Mutual Aid Agreement" with another group until I read this book.
           Jim Cobb gets my wholehearted recommendation for this book.    Thanks for reading, everyone.


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