Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Racism in America

These are puppets of different races. Perhaps adults should be watching the puppets as well as children.

    I live in Virginia, and whether everyone else knows this or not, the Richmond area has almost a 50% African American population.   In Virginia, there are African American lawyers, physicians, teachers, college professors, high ranking police officials, nurses, and college presidents.  Descendants of those who were once slaves of Thomas Jefferson and his family, are now doing rather well.  Lawrence Douglas Wilder, the first African American governor in the US, I count as a friend.  I have white friends, I have yellow friends, and I have black friends. I suppose I was raised to do what Martin Luther King said, which is to, and I am paraphrasing here, to judge each man and woman by the content of their character.   An extension of this is that I don't like or support everyone who is white, just because they share my race, or even my haircolor. I don't like everyone of Scottish ancestry, like me.  Not every Asian or American Indian is my close friend, although some of them really are. I have several African American friends who are very important to me.  Yet, somehow, if I criticize the actions of Barack Hussein Obama, I am somehow magically transformed into a racist.   Racism is not giving a pass to everyone of a different race than you. It is politely calling them as you see them, regardless of the race, creed and color of the person involved.
        I do read the commentaries of Americans on Yahoo which follow the articles.  One woman posted a reasonable concern following the re-election of Mr. Obama, and this was the follow up she received.

From a  Yahoo Poster this week:

From E   Yahoo
Your white ancestors brought mine here on slave galleys. My ancestors built America with blood, sweat and tears under harsh treatment. Now we have taken it back. Once you go black you never go back...just ask your wives. We have taken the presidency, your white gals, and soon we'll take 80% of your jobs. Go away, get off OUR land. We dont want you here. Get back on your ships and sail away. This is our land now, and dont any of you white people EVER forget that. We quietly outsmarted you. We are the superior race now!!!!

 This is very concerning. How many poorly educated African Americans genuinely feel this way ?
      Many whites NEVER had slaves.  One branch of my family came to The New World as indentured servants themselves and worked their way up to dirt farmers.  Another branch worked side by side with Chinese immigrants to make enough to feed all their families.  The farm I reside on today, had former slaves choosing to remain with the elderly couple who had "owned them"  prior to their liberation. The farm was inherited by these slaves, and their descendants eventually sold it to me.  There is and always will be some injustice in the world. However, in many places,in the US and around the world, we really do cooperate interracially for the good of everyone.

 This week, I forwarded this to my white and my black friends. This kind of inflammatory posting by the writer, will ultimately feed a racial divide and create violence between races. I want each one of them to be careful and to stay safe.  How ironic that a biracial president who could have built upon all this progress, presides in a time in which new racial wounds have been opened.

Update: I noticed today when I went back to look at the responses to "E"'s commentary, that Yahoo had pulled his post.  It remained up for five days.

UPDATE:   July 20, 2013       President Obama seems to be nurturing the racial divide once again.
This week, he was saying that he will never forget being followed in a department store when he was alone as a teen.   He attributes this to his African American heritage.   Does he not understand that we all were ?  I too was followed in a J.C. Penneys when I was seventeen, not because I was white, or female, but simply because I was a teenager without a parent present and because at that time, it was teens without parents present who were doing a great deal of the shop lifting in that era.  Gosh, I had hoped he was brighter than that.


Matt said...

What this idiot fails to mention was that his own people, (just a different tribe) were responsible for selling slaves to whites. I've been to Ghana and seen the slave houses where they were stored upon captivity until the white ships could return and take possession.

He wants a black run country where the corruption runs as rampant as the aids epidemic does, where life isn't worth a wooden nickel and children are allowed to starve in certain circumstances. People live in squaller and got to a pit to use a restroom or if the live in a city just dropped their pants or squat and urinate in the street. That's the kind of life he wants to usher in here.

Furthermore he would most likely, from the content and attitude of his post, like to run this country like South Africa where they run out to the white farmers ranches, rape them, both male and female child and adult alike, and then kill them for revenge.

These people that have this attitude are dangerous and must always be watched.

This being said, I must also clarify that I've seen white people every bit a dangerous as this writers was. I call things like I see them.

Gorges Smythe said...

Good post.

agraves said...

Jane, I live in the Chicago area and can tell you that E's email is common here. If you listen to Black talk radio you hear things that whites could never get away with. The Constitution? Forget that white man's document. Mexicans feel the same way ,gringo. Whites are in denial as to what is coming. There will be continued attempts to marginalize whites. There will be no mercy for whites. They hate whites and will show no mercy, only stupid whites want fairness, generosity, etc. War is coming, it's just a matter of time. Alex

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, I have on rare occasions listened to white racists too. Fortunately, most of them are dying off. I rarely if ever hear any whites anymore who spout such tripe.

JaneofVirginia said...

What a shame. The only way our nation and our way of life will survive is if we accept our differences, celebrate our own heritages, and work together to make life better for the children of all of the races. God created us all.

lotta joy said...

On one hand, they'll never take 80% of our jobs. I'm pretty sure they'd prefer the way of the future, which is taking 80% of our money without having to work a job to get it.

Very few whites owned slaves, and none of those slaves built america by the sweat of their brow. That was the job of the white ancestors of this country.

There were NO SLAVES building cities as they claim. Once freed, they meandered, waiting for someone to take care of them. They were lost. Uneducated, and building a city was the last thing on their list of abilities.

It was the idiotic whites who pushed Obama through, thinking he would unite the nation. He split it wide open.


God created all of us, but it's the whites who turned the table on themselves.

JaneofVirginia said...

In the area in which I live, which was so late to get electricity and so hard to farm with such dry and clay filled soil, the African Americans, the caucasians and the few American Indians worked together. There are many stories here of families helping one another. When my minivan broke down on a dark night with a torrential downpour with no battery and no lights, six young black men turned up, removing the car from the road,and immediately working on my battery. There are so many places where we all do respect each other and work together well. I am so sad to see this overshadowed by people who have venom for any race.
Thanks for your contributions Lotta Joy. You're right. It just doesn't make sense.

kymber said...

Jane - i was doing 3months temporary duty down in DC. my first weekend there i left the base in my sweet little purple car with rental plates and tried to drive into the city. i think i was on I-92 or something. anyway, i kept missing the exit so i drove down the street a ways. into a project! up until that point i had never seen a project?!?!? i thought that they were only in New York and only in the bad places in New York.

continuing on, i saw several black men standing on the corner, some wearing shirts, some not. i guess it was due to the stupid way in which i got out of the car, left my purse on the seat and didn't lock the door that caused them to seem to be afraid of me because i walked right up to them and asked if they could help me. i am sure that one man choked on his sip of cola.

they said that they could help me and told me to get back in my car, they would get their car and for me to follow them. so i did and they got me onto the right exit and took me right into downtown DC and dropped me off at a parking lot. i tried to give them $20 but they wouldn't take it. i asked if i could buy them lunch but they said they had to get back.

my boss back at the base told me that if i ever did something stupid like that again, that he would kick my *ss back to canada!!!

those men were very helpful to me that day and i didn't care what colour they were. i know that there are very hateful people of colour in the US today...it worries me.

i wish, like you, that we could all respect each other and work together. but it is not likely to happen. i fear the venom that is spewing over this last election has only just begun.

JaneofVirginia said...

Kymber, I am so GLAD that you don't have a much worse story to tell. Of course, there are dangerous people of every race and ethnicity, sometimes in bad neighborhoods and sometimes not. Thank you for your post. Love to you and Jam !

Anne Ollamha said...

I'm of "mixed" blood, black, white, native American, etc. Some of my ancestors were slaves (black), or indentured servants (white). I know my ancestor stories, and believe me, some of my ancestor stories are about European ancestors forced to immigrate from their homes in northern England by persecution because they were of Welsh descent (1600s). It is a sad reality that people will always find a reason to hate, and skin color isn't the only reason. When a country has only one skin colour, then it will be tribe (Rwanda, Asia), or religion (Northern Ireland, the Middle East).

Study your history, and not just the pap they've been dishing out in the schools for the last 30+ years. Did you know that all through the history of Europe (Greek and Roman times included), slavery existed all over, and the majority of the slaves were white skinned? Heck, serfs were slaves. St. Patrick was a slave. In Africa, slavery existed. Africans owned black slaves.

Human nature hasn't changed that much. When the SHTF, don't be surprised if slavery resurges (I won't say make a comeback, because slavery still exists). It's always a case of a group with more power victimizing those without the means or will to defend themselves. That kind of agenda doesn't have a colour, tribe, or religion.

So if you have been wronged, my sympathies. I've been there and stood in those shoes. But don't become a victim. If you see yourself as a victim, you can be victimized again. Move past that thinking. Be wary of the bad guys, but don't let that be the reason you aren't prepared for the real storm that is coming.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Anne,
This was a timely, wise and complete statement about life in the rest of the world. Sadly, the US inner city educational system is so poor, and the expectations of some of the students are so low, that many of them come out with the idea that slavery was only ever perpetrated by whites against blacks in the US. You are absolutely correct in that victimization has no color, no creed. Human beings create reasons to persecute others, over real, and over imagined differences. Thank you for your wise post and your perspectives.