Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jim Cobb's New Book: Prepper's Home Defense

          When I was writing the book "Rational Preparedness:A Primer to Preparedness",  I knew that my friend Jim Cobb was writing a book and it was expected to be released before mine.   This was a big help to me because I knew that I would not have to go into much detail in terms of security strategies,  home operational security, and the nuts and bolts of weaponry and security devices. Certainly, home defense, security and these issues are subjects for an entire book themselves.   I knew that I could express some opinions, and simply refer readers to his book.

          Well, since our two books are with different publishers, and because publishing is an inexact science to say the least, the Rational Preparedness book was released first, and inside, I mention Jim Cobb's book "Prepper's Home Defense" as an authoritative and important work on home defense issues.

         Jim's book will be released very shortly, though he has asked that everyone buy the book on his "Book Bomb Day" which is December 4th, 2012,  in order to make the book move up on rankings, such as Amazon and others.  (Why didn't I think of that ?)

      Some of the things covered in his book are:

           • Perimeter Security Systems and Traps
           • House Fortifications and Safe Rooms
           • Secured and Hidden Storage
           • Firearms and Defensive Combat Techniques
           • Gathering Intelligence and Forming Alliances


Jim Cobb has worked in the investigation and security fields for twenty years and has been a survivalist most of his life. His articles on preparedness have been published in national magazines such as Boy's Life. You can find him online at SurvivalWeekly.com as well as blogging for Survival-Gear.com. Jim lives in the Upper Midwest with his beautiful wife and their three adolescent weapons of mass destruction.

This is its link on Amazon, which is probably the speediest way to get one.


I think you will be pleased...


lotta joy said...

I wonder if I was ahead of my time while living in Indiana. I already had a safe place. NO ENTRANCE once we were inside. I was stocked, and the doors were extra solid and secure. This was years before I'd even heard of prepping. I'm still waiting for your book to arrive. I'll gladly share it with the mailman, but I want to read it first. lol

JaneofVirginia said...

Lotta Joy, My guess is that you have always been ahead of your time, and certainly one of the brightest women I know !