Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My New Preparedness Book is Out !

Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness is an eighty one page book of quick actions devoted to preparing families for natural or man-made disasters.

                   I knew or I had hoped that the book would be ready soon. You can imagine my surprise when this morning, right after voting, I came home and found that the book is ready for orders and that the website is now in place !
                   It was my intent in writing this book to provide families, even those who had no prior interest in preparedness, with a guide to not only prepare for sheltering-in-place situations but for evacuation situations as well.  This is a basic and comprehensive book designed to ready families, and their pets for situations in which they need to have both advance preparations and to take action.

 First, there was the Rational Preparedness radio program.  Then, this blog was born as a supplement to items I mentioned there. It provided a place to look up web addresses and phone numbers of products I had mentioned I had used, or to enlarge upon information that I had touched upon in the show.

                 Now, at long last I introduce the book Rational Preparedness.    This is designed to be a good overview of issues to consider in organizing and planning family preparedness.  Responding to listener's requests, it is a no nonsense carefully set out survey of prime considerations for those seeking to prepare families for both natural; disasters and man-made varieties as quickly as possible, and then to remain as a reference thereafter.

                    The book is available by order from Amazon, from Barnes and Noble online, or from the website:


 It is available in both hardcover and softcover versions and also in e-book.

Just in case you have any difficulties with the website, you can buy it at:


             Thanks to everyone who helped get this book ready for the public !

Thanks to Steven Ryan, PhD who tells me I need to include the Table of Contents

Contents:             Rational Preparedness:  A Primer to Preparedness

Chapter One          Accepting Our Own Role in Disaster Preparation
Chapter Two          Preventing Overreaction
Chapter Three        Starting Somewhere
Chapter Four          Evacuation versus Sheltering in Place
Chapter Five           Advance Planning for Family Evacuation
Chapter Six             Activating an Evacuation Plan
Chapter Seven        Sheltering in Place
Chapter Eight          Rehydration and Your Rehydration Kit
Chapter Nine          Stocking Supplies at Home
Chapter Ten            Considering Water
Chapter Eleven        Filtering Water
Chapter Twelve        Considering Home Defense
Chapter Thirteen       Mitigating Home Hazards
Chapter Fourteen      Special Pet Evacuation Challenges
Chapter Fifteen          Assessing the Need to Relocate in View of Safety and Preparedness Issues
Chapter Sixteen         The Human Response to Disasters: Mental Health Issues
Chapter Seventeen     Vehicle Readiness
Chapter Eighteen        Emergency Tool and Home Repair Kit
Chapter Nineteen        The Many Aspects of Education in Disaster Preparedness
Chapter Twenty           When in Rome
Chapter Twenty-One    Conclusions


Dani said...

Jane - Congrats - and the best of luck with your book. I'm sure it is a wealth of information!

Btw, you have no links to Amazon or B&N, and your website link is fine, but when you hit "buy the book", an error occurs.

JaneofVirginia said...

I think the publisher knows about the error. Thanks Dani. Just for today I will post links to other sources. Thanks !

kymber said...

Jane - it was great to chat! email is sent. woops forgot to include the phone number. another email being sent - bahahahahahah!

CONGRATULATIONS, my sweet friend, i am so very proud of you!

your friend,

lotta joy said...

YOU EARNED IT!!!! I really don't think there's a way to be fully prepared in a POA community in Florida. We're not allowed storage, and we don't have basements, cisterns, attics or land.

But after tonight's election, I'm still going to buy your book. The day might come when I'll need to eat part of it, use some of it to build a fire, and use the rest of it to beat to death a looter. Did any of that make sense?

JaneofVirginia said...

Of course it did Lotta Joy, The passages on gathering paperwork for evacuation and having photographs on discs etc. of possessions etc. are probably still useful to you. Also, if you will mail it to me, I will autograph it any way you want ! Who knows, an autographed first edition might be worth something someday. LOL

lotta joy said...

I just feel so vulnerable not having a safe place to store non-perishables. I'll order it in paperback so I won't cost so much to mail it to you!! I'm checking out your links to see where I want to purchase it and where I can use paypal.