Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still Waiting for a Tax Refund

One of these with our names and the correct amount is the goal !  It shouldn't be that hard.

    My accountant filed our taxes about a week late in April of this year after filing an extension because we had not yet ourselves received all the documentation we needed.    Because we were due a sizeable refund we got the information in as soon as possible.  A refund did not come.
             Some time later we were asked for clarification and additional paperwork. The paperwork they requested had actually already been sent with the initial filing, but to obtain a speedy refund, the accountant provided it again.  The IRS agreed to send the refund.   Several more times, the identical thing occurred.   It is now nearing the end of September and I do not have the refund. I have been unable to pay certain bills, my accountant, and to make it this year to our house in Canada to do maintenance and to have our version of a brief vacation.
            Is this occurring because the Obama Regime hired an abundance of new IRS agents and they are attempting to justify their existences ?   Is this happening because the entire system is complex and convoluted beyond our imaginings ?  Is this happening because I have written some blog posts which portray the Obama Regime in a somewhat negative light, and I am being persuaded to think again about doing this ?  Is this happening because they wish to hold on to large or not so large amounts of money they owe families, because they simply don't have it ?    I think I will reconsider paying estimated tax.  We might never get what we pay in, even when we are supposed to. The collapse has not yet occurred.

Update:  October, 2012.    The tax refund was finally received. Of course, I need to pay bills with it now, having had to borrow in order to get through from April to October without it.

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