Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Opportunities You Might Not Consider

An Equator refrigerator

  Lately, I have shaved time off from everything I do in order to complete both of the books I am working on.  Both are nearing completion, and after I proofread, and the remaining pictures for each are taken,  then the projects leave my hands, and are the projects of someone else for awhile. One of the books is deeply personal, and another is intended for a different genre and focus entirely, and is more an intellectual endeavor. I have been lucky to locate a publisher who actually wanted both.
    When I do have spare time, I have been helping our daughter, the young woman with, count them, three jobs, renovate her house sufficiently to move in.  If it were me, I would have moved in already, but she is making each room a lovely backdrop to life, as if each room is a movie set.  The wood floors will be installed soon, and then I don't think she has anymore excuses.
     In the course of helping my daughter furnish her new home on a shoestring, I have been spending a certain amount of time on Craigslist.  I don't know whether to squeal with glee and what I find there, or cry for those who paid retail.   Yesterday alone, there was a new stainless steel refrigerator being sold for just a couple of hundred dollars. The family was transferred in, bought a house, and now are being transferred out, back to Texas.  The new buyer of their home already has a frij they love.  It won't work for my daughter, but it would for most people.  I spent an hour  gleefully looking.  My favorite section was the "free" section. They had everything from free AKC registered dogs, to firewood.  Freecycle has spread many places over the Earth very quickly.  In Canada, Freecycle is doing very well.  Our nearest Freecycle when we are  in Canada routinely shuffles everything from computer peripherals to chickens and maternity clothing. Composted manure, and bunkbeds were quickly shuffled last week.

       The economy is still very bad.  Homes are hard to sell, and buyers are hard to attract. Jobs are hard to come by, and jobs which lead to better jobs are almost all but gone. However, opportunities to acquire things we thought we never would, are here. Those who save cash might be able to get a new sleep sofa, a front loading washer dryer, a Honda, or an RV at a price you can hardly believe.

        Wherever you are, consider some of the things you never have before.  Local newspapers, Craigslist, or even a card with "In Search Of" as a heading might bring opportunities you did not know existed.  Be careful when making new contacts, but it's worth a look !


The Conservative Lady said...

It's a great place to find deals. My son furnished his entire bedroom using Craig's List.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks for posting. I will eventually report back on this blog as to how my daughter completes furnishing her new house. So far, the items are better looking and were much better makes than if she were forced to buy everything as new. BTW, I enjoy your blog very much, and will check back often.