Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Very Early Autumn

    In my part of the world, it's still Summer, but Autumn will be coming soon.  The Crepe Myrtle trees are still in bloom, the trees still have their leaves, but some of them have a little bit of tell-tale red or yellow interspersed. My Gingko Biloba trees look well, but one of them is dropping leaves from the outermost branches, and this means Autumn is on it's way.  Believe it or not, it's time to begin to consider Christmas gifts or gifts for the Winter holidays you celebrate. A good gift can seldom be conjured the week one needs it, and so consideration should begin now. Also, grabbing gifts at the last minute is expensive. Considering the genuine needs of people, finding the right thing, and then wrapping it attractively need not be.
              One of my dear friends who actually lives within about ten miles admired an ornate pewter dish I have in my dining room. This year, I happened to see the same one on sale in "Tuesday Morning", a department store liquidation shop.  I put it away and I added it to my Gift Notebook. This is where I write down ideas for gifts for people, so I won't forget.  I have a sheet in there where I can check off gifts for people when I get them. She is the first person for whom I have a gift for Christmas this year.  I don't yet have gifts for anyone else, but I am thinking about it.   For my eldest son, he could use a gift certificate either to Harbor Freight for tools or a gift certificate for Woodworker's Supply.   My daughter, who moved into her own house this year, is normally easy to buy for, but I am afraid this year, this is not so.  She already has everything inexpensive,and I am afraid that anything she really needs is going to be expensive.  She could use "The Simple Pump" which would allow her to obtain water from her well, and pressurize her house, even when the electricity is out. Even if she bought the pump and I paid for the installation, this would be more than my Christmas budget just now.  She could also use a riding law-mower.  Both items are too expensive for my husband and I to give to her this year. We will have to keep looking.  Our college aged son likes books.  I have been going to and assembling a collection of the classics. These are books he has said he wanted but are too expensive in conventional bookshops. I have been buying them, only as new books, gradually over several months. I have quite a collection of excellent books for him.  Our next son is still enamored with computer games.  I have been gathering new games that he has mentioned he would like to play from wither amazon or new from . I think he will be very pleased.  We always give birthday and Christmas presents in the name of Daniel, our son who passed when he was 12 1/2.  Usually,  something comes up before Christmas, that seems a worthy contribution, usually to a family well known to us, and less often to an organization.  This year, I think we might again take canned goods from Sam's Club and donate them to a local church foodbank in Daniel's name.  Daniel always thought food bank donation was an important task, even if you have little money yourself.

Food on its way to a foodbank.

 My husband usually likes decidedly bland gifts. He likes a pair of woolen or perhaps alpaca socks to go under his boots in winter while doing things on the farm. He likes the more expensive and non-synthetic long underwear.  Tall, thin people seem to get cold in Winter, even in Virginia.   For everyone else on my gift list this year, if my book is out, I plan to give them a copy. Of course, it's on the basics of preparedness for beginners ! This depends on how long it spends in editing etc,   This leads me to my next subject. Don't be afraid to go through the catalog or website of or to search for gifts for loved ones.   There are wonderful gifts that in these times, and in any other, would be welcome additions.

You can do something like this yourself !

This is also not difficult.       You can cut out designs for brown paper.

( From )

         Remember also to make cookies, jams, or candy if you can and give these as gifts to the people who can enjoy them.   I have a neighbor who definitely bests me every year as they leave us homemade cereal bars, jams, and even homemade soaps. One of our sons got a gift of some exquisite homemade granola last year, made by a friend.   I never seem to have the time, and always buy them some type of treat.
When it's time to wrap remember that brown paper stamped with Christmas stickers or stamped with red Christmas trees and secured with red yarn looks as good as any $6.-$10. wrap sold in a department store.  Plan how you will wrap in advance this year.  Spending very little need not look cheap or lousy.
          So, stay quiet, and plan your gifts little by little, starting now.


Dani said...

Thanks for the idea. Cookies is a very good idea for my neighbours. Reckon my solar oven is going to be busy...

JaneofVirginia said...

Dani, I have not yet bought a solar oven as I thought that it wouldn't work all that well here. However, so many people have been raving about theirs, I am going to need to research it, and perhaps get one of my own !

Hassan Ashraf said...

Gifts from friends just make the day special, don't they. Diane
xmas gifts which will be helpful to me.