Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Information on Animal Housing

This particular structure: Uncle Howard's Barns Inc.


This custom kennel with details was built for Great Pyrenees dogs who live in NW Montana. They discuss this at:

When I posted the information on our having built a dog kennel, I had no idea that this was of such interest to so many people worldwide. Although we ultimately chose to hire a builder in order to get the structure up, running and functional before the winter, we did a lot of research in advance, as to what we wanted, and what would work on our site, and for the number of dogs we normally have.
            We looked at many texts, many websites and plans, but one of the most helpful references in terms of congealing our own thoughts on what we wanted and how we wanted it to be built, was the one below.  "How to Build Animal Housing" by Carol Ekarius, published by Storey Press is a comprehensive and inspiring guide to building whatever structures you may need for livestock, dogs, chickens, rabbits, and other creatures.  Attention is paid to site selection, basic construction, materials, design, and even where to obtain some of the articles and hardware used in such structures.   The design for our kennel was ultimately our own, but we considered many aspects of the project thanks to this book.   Since then we have also build chicken coops.  Ms. Ekarius even addresses the important issue of lightning protection with these structures.
            Since animal structures are definitely an interest to those who read this blog, I will include more on animal structures in the future.

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