Sunday, February 19, 2012

International Preparedness..........Family by Family


          When I first began this blog, I did so as a place to write some of the finer points I made on my preparedness program.  Sometimes it's easier to understand something, or certainly to go to links when you see them on a page, rather than when you hear them on a radio program or podcast.   I actually thought that most of our listeners would be American, and that a few would be from Canada.  I have been pleasantly surprized in that although we certainly have our share of Americans from many states, that we have many Canadians, and we certainly have worldwide preparedness interest here as well.
Of course this makes my tasks here more difficult. There are many products that are easily available in most places in the US, which might not be as readily available in Ghana, Uruguay, or even in Belize. Sometimes I can refer Americans to to get something which is not readily supplied in a hardware store, yet the same item may not be available for international sale.
I remember in 2002, smoke detectors (because they contain some radioactive components which could be subject to theoretical misuse) and GPS (geospatial positioning system) devices were actually prohibited in Russia. Since then, I have heard that Russia has some devices which are acceptable to them.
No matter where we live on this planet, we have many commonalities. We all need clean water, adequate amounts of healthy food, and safe shelter. We are all subject to natural and not-so-natural disasters. Those of us with children have much in common. We all want our children to be safe, and to find a safer, calmer, and better course than we did. In each place on the planet, our challenges, our problems, and the availability of items which may make some of our tasks easier, differ. I thank all of you for coming here for ideas, but I also urge you to find groups, or make internet groups for your own nation, simply to share information or to support one another with regard to simple preparedness. I will still be here trying to figure out how families in Zambia can get some of the health supplies they need, but I can assure you that you will receive much more than you give by connecting with your countrymen and learning of their challenges and solutions also. I know I have.

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kymber said...

i am a Canadian who is trying to make groups in my area, and learning more about preparedness, and simply enjoying (?) the hints and tips on your blog. i like that you are down to earth in what information you convey and that the afore-mentioned information is always reliable. i thank you for this from myself, and on behalf of all of your readers.

and am very glad that you are here!

your friend,

JaneofVirginia said...

Kymber, I am doubly glad that YOU are here, with your own blogs and style, and here to encourage me, as well. Very best wishes.