Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Canada's Long Gun Registry Finally Abolished

Long guns include rifles and shotguns.

     As promised, the Harper government  has followed through on their promise to end the long gun registry in Canada.  There is also a plan to destroy the information contained in it.
        Although persons like myself applaud the ending of the long gun registry, there are persons, particularly in urban areas or in Quebec, who oppose this abolition, in part because it destroys data which is already collected and for which Canadians have paid taxes in order to collect. Quebec is actually considering the creation of its own provincial registry.  Gun licenses are still required in Canada.  By many conservatives, this is considered a strong first step in terms of getting big government out of the business of private citizens.

These are Myths and Facts are provided by:

Myths & Facts

Myth #1:

In 2009, it cost $4.1 million to operate the long-gun registry.

Fact #1

Many different numbers have been thrown around. When appearing before the Standing Committee on Public Safety the Canadian Taxpayers Federation gave a number of $106 million per year. (House of Commons Public Safety Committee, May 25, 2010)

Myth #2:

The Canadian Police Association says their membership is totally supportive of the long-gun registry.

Fact #2:

During Parliamentary hearings into the long-gun registry, the President of the Canadian Police Association, Charles Momy, admitted that less than 1 per cent of his association’s membership responded to a survey on the long-gun registry. (House of Commons Public Safety Committee, May 13, 2010)

Myth #3

Virtually all police, including all Police Chiefs across Canada, support the long-gun registry.

Fact #3

Many police chiefs and front-line officers have spoken out against the long-gun registry. Rick Hanson, Calgary Police Chief, Evan Bray, Saskatchewan, Sgt/Det Murray Grismer Saskatoon, Sgt. Duane Rutledge – Active Police Officer, Dave Shipman, Mitch McCormick and Jack Tinsley – Winnipeg, retired, Bob Rich Chief of Police Abbotsford Police These are just witnesses, thousands more have supported with phone calls and emails. See Garry Breitkreuz’ s website for what police have said:

Myth #4

Police from across Canada access the long-gun registry over 11,000 times a day.


Computer activity does not denote usage. Of the 11,086 computer hits per day in 2009, 7,653 were for a name, 2,842 were for addresses, but a mere 19 were checking a registration certificate…of all types! The vast majority were due to hits automatically generated by a system designed to produce impressive statistics from irrelevant inquiries. (Source:

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