Saturday, February 11, 2012

Governmental Oversteps

          Here in the US, those of us who do radio programs and such have known that at least two media groups have been seeking to produce a television series on serious survivalists.  Of course, most serious survivalists would realize that such programs are only really entertaining if one holds up the most unusual individuals and in a sense, pokes fun at their beliefs or some manner of their preparedness.

           The following appeared

The material within the two sets of waving lines comes to us from


Just days after appearing on the National Geographic TV Show Doomsday Prepper, a prepper from Tennessee has been declared Mentally Defective and his guns have been seized by the government. The Prepper, David Sarti is a character to say the least, but his story is somewhat disturbing and should be a wake up call for everyone.
Personally I think these shows are designed to make these people look crazy. Whether his appearance on the show played into Mr. Sarti’s diagnosis isn’t yet clear, but apparently the State believed he was a danger to himself after a local doctor insisted that Mr. Sarti was suicidal.
Mr. Sarti denies the charges and insists that he told the doctor he was a Christian and his belief made it impossible for him to commit suicide.
Here is his story:


It is highly concerning that with all the truly criminal activity which exists, that Tennessee authorities chose to take such actions.

This is also a warning about being too vocal about preparations and need for such. Stay safe.


Matt said...

Whats really bad here is that he ratted himself out on his address during the show. If you watch closely he gave his call-sign as he is a Ham radio operator. (I am also so I caught it as he said it). Using his call sign anyone can go online and look his address up. I did just to see if his call sign was valid. It was. Furthermore, with that you can look up his place on Google maps.

So now, he doesn't have his weapons for self defense, and anyone can get his address and go raid his place if they want.

There is a phrase that's not mentioned enough in this day and age of reality TV, and everyone trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Most everyone, it seems, have forgotten this:

"Fools' names and fools' faces are always seen in public places."

David Sarti looks like a good man, but he should have known better.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Matt for commenting. It's sad because David Sarti is well known in the preparation community of his area for teaching many to can and raise animals etc. In this case, his wish to inform and educate has compromised his ability to be maximally prepared himself. My hope is that an attorney, the ACLU, or even the Southern Poverty Law Center takes up his cause, because "mentally defective" is certainly not a good descriptor for him. Thanks again, Matt.