Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here We Go Again.........Another Aftershock

               Here we are, peacefully sleeping, with almost a month of no earthquakes on the US Eastern Seaboard (except for a small one in Maine) when we were awoken by a large bang and a rumble at 0212.  How I was hoping the "aftershocks" were over.  Even a 2.7 as this was, can do damage depending upon location and how superficial the quake really was.  I hope this morning, there is no house, barn, or road damage.   The Memphis website indicated that there have been on the order of 117 aftershocks in the area following the initial 5.8 quake in August, 2011.

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        I learned this week that researchers and students at the University of Memphis are also studying the quakes which have occurred here in Virginia.   Perhaps we will receive some interesting information.

A map indicating the location of quakes, most aftershocks, and detection stations and who they belong to.


This is also an additional reminder. If you have measured your household radon, particularly the levels in an occupied or finished basement, or one with finished bedrooms, and you have an earthquake, you would do well to remeasure the radon levels of your home after the earthquake itself, or following the aftershock cluster. An earthquake could change the cracks in rock and soil and could raise or even diminish the radon levels in your home. In places with frequent aftershocks or quakes, a continuous radon monitor may be a good idea.

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