Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why Would the Feds Have Interest in Simple Food Storage ?

Does the federal government consider this a criminal's pantry ?
Ohhhhh, ooh, she was TWO jars of Nutella !  Quick, notify the "Mayonnaise Police" !

      My commentary here concerns the last post.  I am commenting in a separate post, should you decide to forward or print out the last one, which was written entirely by www.infowars,com      I thought my commentary reserved for the next post would be less confusing that placing it on the infowars article. First of all, a great deal is written on the internet which turns out not to be completely accurate. Sometimes conclusions are drawn which are not wholly accurate.  However, if the prior article is accurate exactly as written, my comments are below.
          It is my belief that rational, law abiding people make reasonable rational preparations for times in which money, food, and general items may be in short supply.  This is not hoarding, This is simply buying ahead items you know your family will readily consume so that you are not risking your lives to get food in an ice storm or during a flash flood.  When you buy food ahead, you are not stealing from anyone.  You are taking your own hard earned cash, deferring dinner or a movie out, and saving something for a rainy day.  You are also taking the chance that a flood or pantry moths don't render this food inedible. Storing ahead is exactly the same as "saving money for a rainy day".
          I am aware that portions of the "US Patriot Act" allow confiscation of food and supplies without payment or even the provision of a receipt to owners of these items, following declaration of an emergency, by the same people who will redistribute your food under law.  I also believe that Americans are generous people and share food and provisions when asked. They don't need their food redistributed in a socialist fashion.
          By gathering a rational amount of food, you are doing nothing wrong.  Whenever you can, it may be best to pay cash, and to store so that simply your family knows what you have and where it is.   If you don't like the idea that the present regime and some of the members of  the US Congress find confiscation of your food and medical supplies an acceptable action, then a major election occurs in less than one year.  Vote them out, and make sure they know what it is that they have done which has displeased you, the taxpayer and one of the people in the collective who pays their handsome salary and excellent health and fringe benefits.
           Meanwhile, take care of your family.  Stock enough to share when possible, so that you already have when a governmental agency comes to you thinking that you should.  Best wishes.

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