Thursday, December 29, 2011

Received for Christmas

                I keep a pretty good preparedness library at home.  Some women want shoes or gift certificates for dresses or pedicures, and I want things that enhance our educational and survival supplies.   One of my family members was lucky enough to find this book on sale, and know that I would be interested in it.  Originally published in 1908, it addressed design and function issues of frugality and practicality.  It has been updated, and added to, in a version which was published in 2007.  This book is easily available, rather inexpensively on,  Ebay, and on Amazon, if not your local library.   It is especially useful if you are considering building a get away cabin, or even a first house. In fact, in perusing its pages, I am reminded of the very first house I ever bought which sat on a small wooded lot on the side of a mountain.   Before you build or renovate any structure, you should take a look inside this small book for ideas and insight.

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