Friday, December 30, 2011

Saving Money by Learning to Cut Your Child's Hair

            Hairdressers and barbers are likely not to be very pleased with me when I tell you that since 1981, there have been very few occasions in which my family and I have visited a hairdresser.  I have never taken any formal haircutting or hairdressing classes. Normally, hospitalized patients in the US can have a hairdresser who has an arrangement with the hospital, in to cut their hair.  The only place this is not permitted is in intensive care units. In ICUs, the nurses must pinch hit, and do occasionally cut hair when medically necessary.  From time to time, I had homeless patients in the ICU, and before they were discharged, I would provide them with clothing from Goodwill or other good second hand shops and give them a good haircut.  This was my practice ground.
           Once I had children,a trim was an easy thing to do, and it was much easier than taking a child to a barber.  I bought good haircutting scissors from a hairdressers supply shop (like Sally Beauty Supply in the US)  I would clean them with alcohol after each haircutting, as I would do with my haircutting combs.  I also bought a clipper set.  One of the things I did not have, but now you do, is the book below, which you can download.

(As is usual here on "Rational Preparedness, the writing and information between the sets of double lines is exclusively the work of the author of the book,  Steven Woodham.)


Someone once said the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is a few weeks. I’m not so sure. As a hairstylist for 23 years, I’ve seen some bad haircuts. That’s one reason I wrote, Cut Hair at Home. Anyone can cut hair. My illustrated haircut book shows how to cut all types of haircuts including: long haircuts, short haircuts, mens haircuts, womens haircuts, kids haircuts, hairstyles including: flat top haircuts, shag haircut, buzz haircuts, spike haircuts, clipper haircuts, layered haircuts, feathered haircuts, military haircuts; Any haircut imaginable from layered haircuts to clipper haircuts




So, once you have some tutelage from the above, and professional scissors, and a clipper set, you can cautiously begin at first, just to trim hair. Keep in mind that the law in every place of which I am aware allows you to cut hair of family members, however you are not permitted to cut the hair of others for money, so this isn't a way to make spare cash on the side, no matter which country you live in !       To this day, if one of my family members wants a particularly fashionable haircut, we pay, and I go with them, and I watch them do it, so that I can at least maintain the cut for a period of time. You can gradually begin to take over most of the haircuts your family needs.  Keep in mind, that you must take on haircutting slowly.  A really bad haircut has economic ramifications. The plan is to save money, without embarassing your husband beyond belief at work with a terrifying haircut !  Know that over time, you get better and better.  My husband had a haircut during  a business trip in the last couple of years, and I have been cutting his hair for so long, that we take for granted that almost anyone else can too.  His haircut was not as good as the ones I have been giving.

A complete clipper set.  This is especially useful for shaving neck hair and neatening up a man's short haircut.

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