Friday, December 9, 2011

Continued Information on Freeze Dried Foods

I am not saying that we should pass on storing fresh foods, because we should not.  Families should eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats and fish whenever this is possible.  However, during emergencies, disasters, or even occasionally when there is no means by which one can travel to get fresh food, that having a supply of freeze dried foods and knowing how to use them may be wise.
                 I have personally purchased and used freeze dried foods from these sources:     (Emergency Essentials)
Available through Emergency Essentials

Although I have discussed the availability and intelligence of buying number ten industrial sizes of food, because they can last 25-30 years when stored carefully, there are smaller containers for those with small families or for individuals. If the #10 cans are too large for you to consider, please consider smaller ones. These are also sold by most freeze dried food providers.

Since stocking freeze dried food can decrease the weight and size of food stored, a family who has limited food storage space, or might need to evacuate with their food, can save SEVENTY TO NINETY PERCENT OF WEIGHT by stocking freeze dried foods for some purposes.  This means that my pantry can stock MUCH more food for much longer than it could if I depended upon conventionally canned foods for emergencies.

         Although you should check this with each supplier you consider using, all the freeze dried food I have bought is FREE OF MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (MSG).  This is important because not only are many people allergic, but many rapidly prepared foods are MSG rich otherwise.  (Look at Hamburger Helper or similar "quick foods" in the grocery store.)

        If you or your family had to evacuate, and had to bring food, then bringing light cans of freeze dried foods could be a very good idea providing that you knew you would have a source of fresh water, and water in relative abundance.

        An abundance of different types of foods are available as freeze dried.

Here are just a few of them...

These reconstitute far better than you might imagine

I occasionally add a few of these to cereal

These are vegetable chips that many people like as snacks without being reconstituted.

These are foods reconstituted individually and then mixed by the consumer to make their own entree or side dish.

This is an end user made white bean chili.

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