Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For Our Canadian Friends

       Canada is a a geographically very large nation, and is subject to episodic storms sufficient to make mobility difficult.  Planning for these events is essential.   There are a number of excellent sites either on a provincial or a federal level for Canadians.  However, I really did want to call to your attention an excellent business where you can obtain almost any needed survival supply.

Briden supplies everything from freeze dried food both made and shipped from Canada, to volcano stoves

This stove sells for CAD$ 149.00    

The Volcano 2 Collapsible Cook Stove is the best thing you can have in any preparedness situation.

With it's patented cook chamber, double wall construction for lower heat transfer to the outside, heavy duty steel construction, collapsible design and the ability to use charcoal/brickets, wood and propane make the Volcano the best choice to help you be ready for any situation that may arise.

These are emergency management links for Canada:

Nova Scotia
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory
Northwest Territory

Federal Listings:

Government of Canada Emergency Listing

This is a link for Briden Foods Advertised Shelf Life of some of their products:

From this emergency Briden food container, comes the entrees shown below

    Briden also provides an online listing of potential allergens and ingredients in their food as well as listings of the food which is gluten free.


Anonymous said...

Your post is really interesting, you have your own ideas, i love reading it. Thanks for such a cool blog. Damiana

JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you Damiana. The comments are a great encouragement, especially on the days that it can be hard going.