Saturday, January 3, 2015

In Recognition of "The Book of Barkley"

This post first appeared on one of my other blogs  (Life After the Rescues) in August of 2014.  Please take a look.

      To those of you who have ever really loved a dog, this is a beautiful book.   It was beautifully penned by one of our readers who weaves so beautifully how a particular dog became a truly important part of her life, during its own twists and turns. The author herself is a remarkable woman.   This book is a lovely treat for yourself and a lovely gift to anyone who has ever loved a dog, and even for those who have not yet had that resounding and life changing pleasure.  I give this beautifully written book an unconditional recommendation.

The "Book of Barkley" in paperback

The "Book of Barkley" Kindle Edition

The "Book of Barkley" via  itunes

Other means will soon follow...


Update:       This book has been recognized as one of the most promising Indie books of the season: