Friday, January 16, 2015

Building LED Soda Bottle Lights

Illac Diaz with a bottle bulb  (Picture: )

   The lights in the post below are excellent for the type of construction I have mentioned, and work very well during daylight.   However, most of us need light when the sun goes down.  In addition, LED soda bottle lights may be able to be modified and used for different types of construction.  In addition, these lights may be used for barns, animal housing, and emergency shelters following disasters.
                    I generally prefer step-by-step directions with photographs which I can post here, but Illac Diaz, the founder of Liters of Light made a video himself which explains the construction and implementation of LED bottle lights quite well.

           Illac Diaz and Liters of Light's Directions for LED Bottle Light Construction and Use