Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Have No Illusions....We Should Be At A Higher Level of Alert

This is the actual car of the three men who stormed the offices killing employees, and then exchanging fire with police prior to leaving.     (Photo: )

         Just before lunchtime, Paris time,  three men wearing black hoods stormed into the  offices of a French newspaper with automatic weapons and potentially a rocket launcher, and proceeded to mow down the employees and principles of the business during an editorial meeting. There have been at leave twelve deaths  and many additional injuries. Two Paris policemen who were guarding the newspaper have also been killed.  Four people are in critical condition.  The death toll is likely to rise as some of the injured people are likely not to survive. Witnesses say that when the three gunmen had completed their task, they shouted something amounting to "The Prophet Has Been Avenged."    The newspaper was Charlie Hebdo, which is well known for its satirical treatment of many things, the most recently of which was a satirical treatment of Muslim extremism and jihad.   Francois Hollande, the French president,  has raised the terror alert in France to the highest possible level. A diligent manhunt for the perpetrators is under way.

              Here in the US, our president has Muslim friends to lunch.  He frequently states that "We are not at war with Islam".   We might not be, but extremist Muslims, ISIS, ISIL or whatever they wish to be called this week, are at war to the death with the western world, the Christian world, and anyone else who might call attention to their own insanity.   When will our leaders understand and accept that extremist Muslims are as big a threat to Europe and the Americas as Hitler was ?

            Until then, as an individual family in the United States, Europe, or wherever you are, be on alert.  I wonder if the offices of Mad Magazine have security ?      Make plans for your own defense.  Stay ahead on foods and medications.  Understand that we are under attack, along with our entire way of life.  If your region permits, get a concealed weapon.  Your own life could depend upon it.

             We send our most sincere condolences to the people of France and particularly the families of those attacked in this terrorist act.  Those who died became martyrs in the continuing fight for free speech in a world where such speech continues to be modified and limited.

UPDATE:   The original French news reports of this matter indicated that there were three perpetrators. Now, most news outlets are quoting that most witnesses saw two.   Still, our information above was correct when it was posted.