Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Boston Marathon and the New War on Pressure Cookers


  This week, as the Boston Marathon ended, two amateur bombs reportedly placed in pressure cookers with ball bearings and nails, were detonated near the finish line.  Three people were killed. At last report, 170 injured, eight critically. There are likely to be additional deaths among those presently critically injured.  The injuries were significant. Some of the survivors were missing limbs when the volunteers from the medical tent ran to them.  The last time I heard of this level of carnage, it followed a former Irish Republican Army bombing.  They too occasionally used shrapnel generating items of metal and nails to maximize the destructive capability of their bombs to devastate and maximize human damage.

                I would like to take this opportunity first, to send my prayers and sincerest condolences to anyone who was impacted by this tragic event, and to their families also.


                How long do you think it will be before the Obama Regime hunts down all the evil pressure cookers ?      No hard luck soul who gets his food stamps and his telephone from the regime has a use for a pressure cooker. Why, most Americans, by the regime's estimation, aren't educated enough to use one !   I wonder if we will see a ban of pressure cookers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey ?   A federal group of eight can start working on a federal regulatory plan.  Perhaps those with a four year culinary arts degree can get a federal pressure cooker license which will enable them to own one, so long as it is double locked in their kitchen thus avoiding its falling into the wrong hands.  I think they will likely allow those licensed to use the four jar variety, rather than the larger models which could hold more fruit or vegetables.  Who knows ?  Maybe someone can go onto the internet and make their own nuke using a pressure cooker.  After all, this is the caliber and thinking of the Obama administration on other matters.  They will not be able to outlaw nails and ball bearings this time, but they will try next time they have a majority in both governing bodies.  After all, your freedom in their perspective is completely unimportant, whereas their illusion of collective safety, is.

               The poor pressure cooker and its industry.  The NRA is a longstanding and effective lobbying body for guns as tools.  The poor pressure cooker has no such advocacy.  Avid canners will start burying the devices with shielding for annual retrieval, just to can green beans.  Of course, this will make them outlaws.  I wonder how many of my dear friends will have FBI files as "potentially subversive canners".  Since I burn my fingers each time I can, I am not likely to join this mass of outlaws.  I will miss my blackberry and apple jam though.
               Mr. Obama's first televised speech on this, sounded like the Boston Marathon disaster had been a natural tragedy, just like an earthquake or a super storm.  At first, he did not say terrorism.  I have news for him.   We are at war with radical Muslim factions, and we have been for some time.  Prior to 2001, radical Muslims, including Osama Bin Laden spewed radical hate speech against the West, and the United States in particular, all over the internet.   The US tends to export the worst of its television, and this portrays our culture internationally as Earth slime.  Radicalized Muslims look at women driving cars and in clothing which exposes them, and they fear for their own cultures.   Al Qaida and the Taliban establish leadership and oppress their own people.
            When 9-11 happened, I knew immediately that it was very likely that Bin Laden had found people with disordered thinking who thought killing innocent people who were simply out on that day in order to support their families, would advance their cause.  Mr. Obama may have told Hosni Mubarak that "He (Obama) is also a Muslim", though he denies this now.  Mr. Obama grew up in Indonesia, a primarily Muslim country.  It pains him to stand up and recognize that the West is at war with radical Muslim factions in the world.  This war continues, despite the fact that US abyssmal  mainstream media is only really interested in spouting anti-gun rhetoric, and showing you Spring fashions.   In present day Egypt, some Muslims are killing coptic Christians.  Some Muslims are kidnapping Christian young women, forcing them to marry and have children with Muslims, before allowing them to see their families again.  Al Qaida is moving into high gear in Africa, particularly North Africa.  This is why so many CIA operatives are heading to North Africa.  We are at war, whether the president gets this or not.   Benghazi is a testimony to this.

              Why doesn't the Obama Regime speak of the ongoing potential for terrorism ?  Perhaps he thinks we are too stupid to understand that some factions of radicalized Muslims are dangerous to us, whereas others actually live peacefully here in our own country.  Too confusing for we mere Americans ?   So, he has the Muslim Brotherhood over for lunch to the White House. After all, if they are our buddies, they won't hurt us, right ?
              There is only so long that as a nation you can adopt the policy of chasing the guns, rather than the insane, or chasing the pressure cookers rather than the radicalized Muslim before it all unravels.
               If I were you, I'd get my pressure cooker and all its ammunition, er......... canning supplies and implements now, before canning in the US goes the way of magazines which hold more than seven rounds for guns in Connecticut !         



Kristin said...

It's sad but the first thing I wondered when I heard of this tragedy was "How long before the MSM tries to pin this one on the Tea Party?" I mean, Boston Marathon/Boston Tea Party. And the pressure cooker connection...seriously, who has a pressure cooker except for right wing extremist preppers?

All kidding aside, it disgusts me that the media in this country is more interested in pushing an agenda then reporting the truth. In true Rahm Emanuel style, I'm sure they won't let this crisis go to waste.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, exactly. Although I think that likely terrorists know how to use a pressure cooker as a bomb delivery system, I do think that "news outlets" will try to pin this on "right wing terrorists" when I suspect this is second string Al Queda who is making use of our president who is wishy washy on foreign terrorist. After all, no one aided those Americans under attack in Bengazi. The mainstream media in the US has been interested in advancing an agenda rather than reporting the news for many years. Thanks for posting.

Dani said...

So sad to hear of the bombing - my heart goes out to all those injured and to the families of those killed.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you Dani, Our local news said that fourteen people from our area traveled to run in the marathon which is apparently a very important event for serious runners. All fourteen returned home without injuries other than sorrow and trauma. One was even back in his hotel following the marathon, when the bombing occurred. It could have been far worse.

Gorges Smythe said...

The only place where I would disagree with you is that I do not believe that we are are at war with RADICAL muslims. We are at war with islam itself, simply because islam itself has chosen to be at war with the whole world, including, but not limited to to, the U.S.

JaneofVirginia said...

Gorges, I think there is truth in what you are saying. I have been blessed enough to know some Muslims who practice and believe that the Koran implores them to be peaceable, and that they believe that belligerent Muslims are in fact a perversion of their faith. Therefore I try to leave room for the possibility that some Muslims can live side by side with Christians and with Jews, as they did in Spain so many years ago.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

You forgot to mention that there will probably be a limit of buying 10 nails per person, any more would require a federal background check especially if they could be used in a nail gun.

JaneofVirginia said...

I actually didn't forget the nails... I covered that with
<< They will not be able to outlaw nails and ball bearings this time, but they will try next time they have a majority in both governing bodies. >>
However when they do cover it, they will do so by buying up all the nails so no one can find any of the correct variety for the job. Then they will make nails and nail guns illegal to possess unless you are a licensed Class A contractor with a TS clearance". They have a plan, don't doubt it. They have a plan.

Mamma Bear said...

My daughter is a runner and goes all over the US. I thank God that she had just come from a race in California and could not take any more time off from work to do the Boston Marathon. We had seven people from our county who were there. Two were my daughters friends. They are all OK.

After I found out the bombs were made from a pressure cooker, I like most of you thought it comes. Lets put a ban, reduce the size or you must register to buy one. I can almost bet anyone buying one now are getting funny looks although it is near canning season. A couple of years ago a store was going out of business and the canning jars were about 1/2 price. Myself and my neighbor loaded the back end of the pick-up truck and bought them out so I have plenty of jars. I am getting tattler lids as I find them on sale. I have 4 pressure cookers in my possession. I guess I better order some gaskets for the 3 that uses them. My Mom bought me an American Canner for Christmas so I will not need much extra for that one I think.

When will this craziness end?

JaneofVirginia said...

Mamma Bear, I am so glad your daughter and her friends are okay. 99.9% of pressure cookers are used by law abiding citizens. I think it's time to hide our steak knives.

city said...

thanks for share..

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks for commenting, City.