Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New York is Rescinding Gun Licenses of Those with Anxiety


Feeling anxious ?  Then the New York State Police, the army of Andrew Cuomo, want your weapon. (In New York State, the NY State Police are a part of the Executive branch and fall under Mr. Cuomo)  Sounds like an episode of NBC's Revolution, TV series,  doesn't it ?


    Sung Hui Cho was a crazy person.  His professors knew it, and one of them had expressed grave concern about his attending Virginia Tech long before he killed people there using firearms. What failed there, was our ability as a culture and a nation, to identify people with serious psychiatric disorders and to a.) prevent them from buying firearms, and for that matter machetes too.  b.) To remove them from society until they can be properly treated for their psychosis.   Our society used to do this, and we can thank President Kennedy for closing almost all the asylums and releasing the chronically insane to become generations of the insane homeless.   (Before you blow a fuse, not all homeless people are insane, but a subgroup of them are, and they are great-grandparents of insane street dwellers by now.)
                 Now, large chunks of the United States are unsafe to wander, especially for women or women with children, without the equalizing force of a handgun.  New York and Connecticut and to some degree, New Jersey have passed laws which restrict firearms to such a degree, that many women and men also, will not be able to obtain weapons, and may die at the hands of others.
                   Let me be clear. A handgun is a tool. It is not unlike the hammer I use to repair the cedar siding on the garage, or the steak knife I use to chop my steak into small enough pieces that I don't choke to death. My shoelaces are dangerous too.  If I were insane, I might braid three of them, just for fun, and then hang myself with them. That might be tempting on the day in which I need to cut a check to the IRS for taxes, but as I said, I am simply not insane.    The fact is, a full bathtub is dangerous, yet I don't have to get police permission for a full tub, at least not yet.   My state already has a background check before guns can be purchased. This takes place now at any of the gun shows I have attended also.  In Virginia, to buy a weapon, I fill out about twenty minutes of paperwork in which I swear that I am not a fugitive from justice, an illegal alien, an insane person, or anyone else who should not have a weapon.I also swear under the penalty of imprisonment, that I am not purchasing a gun for anyone else.   The background check is generally completed through the state police rather quickly.  Other than the systems already in place in my home state, I oppose any other federal legislation which limits the sale and dissemination of firearms.  Guns save lives. If more people had access to and proficiency with firearms, then the young insane man in Connecticut would have been dropped like a rock, as he would have been in many places in this nation, which are thankfully not "Gun Free Zones",   A "Gun Free Zone" is simply a place where a criminal or insane person can hunt human beings with a fair assurance that none of them will be armed or able to return fire.

Gun confiscation in the United States, has begun.


                 I read today that New York is beginning the gun confiscation process we were told would not happen.  Apparently, the state is ignoring HIPAA, and is obtaining listings of those who are taking meds for anxiety.  Using these lists, they are suspending licenses for firearms and asking for guns.  Legislators swore this would not happen, and yet there it is.  This will do several things.  People who need medications for short term situational crises, like the loss of a spouse, will now not take them, fearing gun removal reprisals.  How long before ANY medication becomes grounds for removal of a firearm license ?  Criminals of course will do whatever they want regardless of the laws which are passed.
               Our government has emotionally overreacted. and the result will be a bloodbath when the normal people follow the laws, and the criminals, of which New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have in abundance, realize that ordinary people have become their prey, because they are likely defenseless. No wonder your people are anxious !  Look at their leaders !   Great job legislators.  Great job Mr. Obama. One more move toward the dissolution of the great nation of the United States of America.

            There is something you can do.  Effective today, I will not do business with any New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut companies at all.  Fortunately, the South has lots of good companies, and we can all spend our money there. You can make this choice too.


Gorges Smythe said...

We knew it would come.

Matt said...

"Our government has emotionally overreacted."

Jane I have to disagree. If it was emotion, they would have long ago reacted to the massive bloodbath in Chicago.

As it is, I consider it to be a racial issue to a large degree. Most of the deaths in Chicago are black. How long has this been going on?

No, it had to wait until there was a mass killing of little white children before the political machinery already in place began to move towards the ultimate goal of confiscation that we see in play in New York.

There was some emotional overreaction by the masses at large.... but the government wasn't part of this... it was, however, preying on those reactions.

I hope the state is sued into oblivion over these deliberate flagrant HIPAA violations along with the numerous constitutional violations (per case).

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes. All human beings are subject to anxiety and sorrow, especially with some of the clowns we have in power. This is what the Federal government will use to disarm us, just as Hitler registered the weapons, and then collected them, thus disarming the German people.

lotta joy said...

There is more going on under our noses that we are too shortsighted to see happening. We are being taken to the mat from the inside out. It's not happening fast enough, so the future government's moves will be more forceful and less defensible. And they are succeeding in making sure that citizen will be TOTALLY defenseless. Too many people are too tuned in to the smoke and mirror magic acts to see the hand in their own pocket, removing their money, their gun, and their rights.

All of us will be staring up from the bottom of the deep hole of the government's making. My only question is WHAT is the motive for those in power to deplete their own country?

Mamma Bear said...

Hitting companies in the pocketbook is most effective and like you said....a lot of this is an emotional reaction. Some crazy politician in our state is pushing a bill to require anger management classes before you purchase ammo. I am going to be angry if I have to take the classes so I will automatically fail! We really shouldn't worry about this as there is not much ammo left to purchase.

JaneofVirginia said...

If I thought that anything they were doing might make us safer, then I wouldn't be blogging against it. The fact is, I think that restricting weapons may well make it worse. I love my country, it's my government I don't trust.

JaneofVirginia said...

I think that the people running our country seek to deplete it, and that they will still be on top, even when it is depleted. I also think that many of them simply can't think.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, I think the government did prey on the overreactions of the citizens.
My child died suddenly too. I loved him just as much if not more than their children. I am not chasing Congressmen for more research and EKGs for every child. The parents of these children were exploited. These children could just as easily have been saved by guns, than be murdered by them.

lotta joy said...

Look at England, Germany, Australia to see who has no guns, and who benefited from the move.

It goes deeper than guns, but those who know how deep it's going to get are the ones seeking to disarm the country. I honestly believe that there is someone pulling the strings behind the curtain and it isn't the Oz.

JaneofVirginia said...

In any event, the agenda is not good. From an invasion standpoint alone, we would be ripe for the picking without all of our firearms evenly distributed throughout the US. We would also be unable to stand up against the next regime, who could even be worse than Obama.

middle child said...

I will be hiding my Xanax and leave my gun in my nightstand drawer.
I agree with all you have said.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks. They are likely to be generating a lot more anxiety in New York, than existed before !