Friday, April 19, 2013

So it Wasn't a Right Wing, Bible Thumping, Gun Toter After All


This is Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who is considered a suspect still at large in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

   This week, I have listened as I drove here and there to unending speculation from what passes in the United States as media outlets.  There was broad speculation as to "What type of Right Wing nut job" perpetrated the Boston Marathon Bombings. I actually heard journalists calling for control and record keeping for pressure cookers.
                If we are to believe what we are being told now, then the Boston Marathon Bombing was allegedly perpetrated by two Chechen Brothers who were apparent Muslim extremists. Muslim extremists from Chechnya caused the substantial loss of life in a Moscow theatre a few years ago.   These  came here to the US as students and did well. In fact, Dzhokar (above) is said to be a second year pre-med  student at Dartmouth College, and spoke English, Russian, and Chechen fluently. According to his facebook, he came here to chase money.
               Muslim extremists seem to be little more than a dangerous cult which seeks to eliminate anyone who does not become a Muslim exactly in the manner in which they understand their own faith.
                Rather than regulating all those naughty nails, ball bearings, and pressure cookers, lets take a long hard look at US immigration policies.  Should we be allowing those individuals who come from a hotbed of Muslim terrorism to come to the US, use our scholarships, learn the layout of our cities and our customs, only to import the terrorism of their own lands ?
               In the US, we have enough of our own thought disordered malcontents.  We don't need to be importing them on "compassionate grounds".  Allowing the Tsarnaev brothers to come to Massachusetts certainly wasn't compassionate from the standpoint of the two brothers who watched the marathon and are lying in  Boston hospitals waiting to see whether either of them will live or die, or perhaps keep one of their four legs which were effectively blown off during the bombings.
              The two American brothers who were watching the Boston Marathon were high school graduates, and roofers who had been recently layed off, and were therefore available to watch the marathon.  I have an idea.  Instead of offering scholarships to Chechen Muslims from areas in the world which may pose a grave threat to Americans, why don't we offer scholarships to people like the brothers who were roofers, and likely couldn't afford college in pricey Massachusetts after high school ?

Hospitalized brothers:

More on the Tsarnaev Brothers:

UPDATE:   This evening, the young man above was apprehended by police.  He is in serious condition in a Boston area hospital, as he apparently sustained gunshot wounds in his neck and leg, most likely, twenty hours ago, during the firefight that killed his brother.   I hope he survives.  We need to know more about what converts a functional good student to a Muslim terrorist.  We need to know if Chechen terrorists who are Muslims,  have new ties to Al Qaeda in the Middle East.  We need to know how these men were recruited and trained, if in fact, they were.  We need to know why two young men who were welcomed to this country and did well here, would choose the ultimate insult to their new nation.



Gorges Smythe said...

That wouldn't be PC, Jane.

JaneofVirginia said...

No, it wouldn't, but it would be good security and homeland defense in a time of war.

Ian H said...

I'll bet there are a lot of people in Boston thankful to have a gun, and a bunch more that wished they did!

lotta joy said...

Having an open mind has been pushed down our throats for so long that our brains fell out.

If there's only room for 30 people in the elevator, letting everyone into the country is like shoving an extra hundred people into that elevator and expecting it to rise. IT WILL FALL. We are in free-fall.

Linda said...

I believe they came here as children with no ill intent to the US. However, most of us return to our ideological roots during times of stress. If they were recruited to be terrorists, then that likely happened here in the US or back in their homeland. It is hard to say where they received their training. It is a shame we now have to save his life. (He was just put in an ambulance.) It is a shame we must spend more money for medical care and his safety.

Are you sure there was not a heavy dose of sarcasm used when talking about registering pressure cookers, nails, and such? I thought so.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, especially after having to shelter-in-place all day.

JaneofVirginia said...

Agreed. We need to think more about who could adapt here, and who might not be able to. Canada evaluates everyone very carefully. We should too.

JaneofVirginia said...

We have to pay for his medical care for the simple reason we must know all that he does, and we must know how he was converted and why.
Yes, I was being facetious about registering pressure cookers and nails, although I think the Obama administration overdid wanting to regulate guns.

Kristin said...

And yet the Regime is trying to deport a Christian, home schooling, German family who has already been granted asylum. The whole world is upside down!

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes indeed. I think there needs to be a review of immigration and an examination of what is considered a risk factor in a potential citizen. I know this wouldn't be very politically correct, but the Canadians pay attention to the personal safety of their citizens from an immigration standpoint. Why don't we ?