Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Consider Wright Farm Gates

This is a Morgan horse inside a red set of corral panels.   Fencing not only makes for good neighbors, but for good animals as well.

          It's Spring on the farm and consistent with my plan to live life to the fullest, a Shetland pony and a miniature pony have joined the farm.  They have long names, but their barn names are Cocoa and Chip. The two of them are adjusting, and so are we.  I am finding horses, even smaller ones, to be more time consuming that alpacas.  I have also found that small horses will try to climb conventional fencing, and this is a definite no-no for little and not-so-little hooves.  Our solution, was to order a set of the corral panels I had been researching and that I profiled on a recent post here.

           I went to all our farm supply stores and found that the corral panels in the amount I needed them, were sold out and on probable long term back order.  I was also particular about the color. I wanted these to match other items on the farm and not introduce and entirely new color.   After some research I located a particular supplier who not only buys directly from the manufacturer, but who could also deliver these for a fee, to the site where I need to assemble the corral.   I purchased them over e-mail, and was slated to pay for these today.  Mr. Wright was on a delivery trip today, and promised to call me when he was about an hour from our home.  I received a call at about ten am that said he expected to be here around eleven am.  At five to eleven, I went down and gingerly opened, and entered the code to keep the electronic farm gate open.  No one delivering anything has ever been anywhere approaching on time, I thought.  A 10:59 am, Mr. Wright came through the gate and proceeded to the pre-arranged spot on the farm and unloaded the corral panels. We spoke briefly, and I paid him, and then he was on to the next delivery a couple of hours away by 11:11.    Not only did I receive beautiful corral panels with gorgeous gates in the color I wanted, but they were scratch and dent free unlike the ones I had seen in local farm suppliers.
          As you know, I don't advertise any product or service here of which I have a financial interest.  (Except my books of course, and I have not yet received any royalties on those)  When I tell you about something, it's in order to save you money or time, or to help you get the right thing, rather than wasting time and money on something else.

          I cannot say enough about Wright Farm Gates.  They have excellent products, with an excellent selection.  They do have distributors who sell these gates in some places, but they will personally truck deliver for a fee, the item you need.  I was fortunate in that I could buy a color and a type that they had in abundance that was "off the shelf".  However, if you have a special farming or livestock need, they can help with this too.  They can provide customized gates and fencing for emu, deer, buffalo, ostriches and other animals.  They sell everything from farm equipment to rodeo supplies.  They have gates, fencing,hay feeders, products for cattle operations,  dog kennels and even materials you could use to make your own custom dog kennel.  They also sell garden and landscaping implements. They also have powder coated wire fencing and gates suitable for smaller animals, and much much more.
           They routinely supply North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, and are North Carolina's largest livestock equipment distributor.

          If you are in these areas and have any interest whatsoever, please go to their website which is:

Their address and other contact information is:

150 Gateway Lane, Advance, North Carolina, 27006


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Mamma Bear said...

Did you finally get a miniature? Would love to see pictures. Sorry to say we no longer have need of coral panels. We sold our horses and everything horse related after the Marine's injury. I still miss them very much. Glad you found just what you wanted and needed.

Sandy said...


Beautiful picture of your horse. I'm happy to hear you were able to get the corral panels needed and you were happy with Wright Farm Gates. We have a farm gate made by this company and we are totally satisfied with their products.

lotta joy said...

My all time favorite horse is the Morgan. Intelligent, and reliable. With your penchant for advertising, if you would like to make $20 per ad, submit your blog for approval to

I did advertising for them until I got tied up with my book, and stopped doing ads. Now, i miss the extra $80 a month I made.

JaneofVirginia said...

The Morgan is not one of mine, but was an excellent example of a nice horse with corral panels. I wouldn't mind making $80. a month, but when I did adsense, I didn't like the products that appeared on my blog. I didn't want to advertise things I didn't like.

JaneofVirginia said...

My two horses are a Bay Shetland pony, who is quite muscular, and a miniature horse who is also bay, who is 32" at the withers. The picture above is of a Morgan who is showing us corral panels. I am so glad someone else had a gate from them.

JaneofVirginia said...

Mamma Bear, We got a miniature pony and a Shetland pony as a companion to him. We have had a rough start including some rather complex eye surgery on the Shetland Saturday evening,following an injury, which has cleaned out my savings. I will get some pictures when the eye heals and when I can.
I am sorry you parted with your horses. When I think that these two have an additional life expectancy of 30 years, I cannot imagine mucking, grooming, brushing, hoof picking, and shots for that long. Did I mention the Shetland is willful ?

lotta joy said...

Unlike adsense, blogsvertise sends you a request that you can refuse, but they also have a page of four or more that you can select from. During my book frenzy, I allowed my participation to stop. I could sure use an extra $80 now. If you're going to blog anyway, might as well throw a 200 word advertisement up and hide it behind your new post so it doesn't cause your readers a problem. Plus, I always said it was an ad.

Linda said...

You were so enthusiastic that now I want to need corral panels. However, the chickens can escape those panels. A delivery on time is a marvel.

JaneofVirginia said...

For chickens I use a small chain link kennel designed for dogs, where I have a modified dog house in there with a roof that lifts off. They have a large area to roam. If the grass thins, I can move it to the right or left.

JaneofVirginia said...

I will definitely look into this. I could use $80 a month, or even fifty, now that I have animals who eat while I sleep !