Friday, February 22, 2013

Why Would I Need a Gun in America ?

           I first heard about this case from my good friend and self described country curmudgeon, Gorges Smythe.    Gorges is a highly intelligent person who writes a common sense blog, called Gorges' Grouse.    He claims to be "a voice grumping in the wilderness" when I think he is a regional dispenser of common sense.  When you get a chance, please check out his blog. On many levels it's worth some time spent there.

           The twenty-eight year old man below is Yusuf Ibrahim.  I feel very sorry for anyone else who shares this name right now, as it is a fairly common Muslim name.   Yusuf had two male roommates with which he is reported to have shared a home.   According to the contents of a New Jersey State Police Press Release, Yusef Ibrahim is alleged to have shot both of the men, who were in their twenties, at close range.  Then he decapitated them, and removed their hands, and buried different body parts in different graves.  Of course, in America, at least for now, people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Yusuf Ibrahim was apprehended while driving the white Mercedes Benz of one of the victims. Why would Yusuf do such a thing ?     Well, apparently his roommates were Coptic Christians.

        I deplore any type of violence against ANYONE.   Muslims should be free to worship as they wish. Jews should be free to worship as they choose, and Christians as they choose, and so long as Pagans don't indulge in human sacrifice, I am fine with them too.   Most of us start to have difficulties when any group thinks they have the moral obligation or the right to freely execute others, of their own, or of another faith.  I have trouble with the teachings of Hitler, and I have difficulties with people like Yusuf Ibrahim who mistakenly believe that their faith requires them to decapitate others.

        Could it be that Yusuf was emboldened by the encouragements to Muslims offered by President Obama ?    Could it be that extremist Muslims are feeling comfortable executing Christians because of the soft attitudes toward Bengazi on the part of the Obama Regime ?    Could it be that people like Yusuf Ibrahim were emboldened by the fact that an attack on a Muslim in the US gets coast to coast coverage, and this story hasn't seen a lot newsprint ?   Would it surprise anyone if terrorist Muslims felt encouraged in the present climate ?

          I don't know about anyone else, but if Muslims or anyone else are targeting Christians, I don't want the president going around talking about taking our guns or limiting our access to them.  If extreme Muslims are executing Christians in New Jersey and then decapitating and desecrating them, then I think I want to carry my weapon for self defensive purposes, wouldn't you ?

         With this in mind, lets contact our Congressmen and Senators and ask them not to restrict our access to firearms.  Meanwhile, lets hope our president doesn't find an angle by which to pardon our friend Yusuf below, or give him citizenship if he doesn't already have it, or perhaps a hundred thousand dollars in student loan money via FAFSA for a Phd in chemical engineering which he might not use for altruistic purposes !

          Americans need to have weapons because our own government won't or can't defend us.   Better a gun in our hand, than a SWAT team on the phone.

This is 28 year old Yusuf Ibrahim, who chose not to go to school, learn and trade and make a success of himself, but to decapitate other human beings and desecrate their bodies.

This is Yusuf with his new haircut and his orange clothing courtesy of the prison system in the State of New Jersey.

This is Yusuf in court with his attorney Elizabeth McPhillips.   This time he is answering to a robbery charge.    ( Photo:The Jersey Journal )


Gorges Smythe said...

You realize, of course, that I'll never be able to wear a hat ever again!

That said, your post is spot-on, both about guns and emboldened muslims.

Ian Holland said...

They forgot to put the rope neck tie on.

JaneofVirginia said...

You deserve to be famous, but you should get a few different hats for days you wish to go incognito ! LOL Thanks for your great post. I thought it was important to post this as many places as possible.

JaneofVirginia said...

I am afraid he will not be judged or convicted as you or I would be. He will be cut all sorts of slack because our government does not wish to appear unwilling to consider the religious tenets of extreme Muslims. Unfortunately, extreme Muslims may wish to exterminate US.

What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

Right now our liberal states and cities seem to be against all Jews and Christians and very supportive of Muslims. Fortunately for us, our county sheriff, a woman, suggests that people apply for CCW permits and carry. She said that they won't be able to get to us as quickly as needed so we'd better learn to be armed and protect ourselves. Wise woman!

russell1200 said...

The removal of head and hands is a common criminal ploy to make body identification more difficult. The first I heard of the pracise is with criminal groups in the U.S., not Muslims.

He sounds more like a criminal who is hiding behind his faith to gain stature. Robbery is not exactly a condoned activity within Islam they chop your hands off.

JaneofVirginia said...

It will be interesting to hear more about this case, if we ever do. The New Jersey State Police sending a press release was the primary information. Very few newsgroups have picked it up. Thanks for your comment.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, our county sheriff has said the same thing. So far, four of our family members have CWPs, myself included. Our sheriff's office has also said that during a time of grave emergency, holders of CWPs could be deputized.