Friday, February 8, 2013

The Greatness of Dr. Ben Carson, a True Hero of Our Time

Ben Carson MD, in the 1980s

  I first heard of Dr. Ben Carson, the pediatric neurologist at Johns-Hopkins in Baltimore, quite a few years ago, in the 1980s. A mother whose child had repeated grand mal seizures which could not be controlled by a variety of anticonvulsants took her child to him in a padded red Radio Flyer wagon. She had read about an old neurosurgical technique in which half of the child's brain could be removed, leaving a half that would no longer continue to seize. It sounded radical and aggressive, but she knew that her child continuing to have uncontrolled grand mal seizures, she would eventually die.    Dr. Ben Carson revitalized and redefined the hemispherectomy, in which about half the brain is removed or disabled.  The child survived and functions far better than was ever anticipated. The child was left with a light hemiplegia, but without continuing seizures.

    Despite a difficult childhood, Dr. Carson went on to be a brave physician who has always done a lot of surgeries and provided a lot of care where he waived his fees.  He has always been "one of the good guys".
 This is Dr. Carson's website, and tells of his humble beginnings, his life in Detroit, and his mother who was married at 13, and who was divorced when he was 8.


    Yesterday,  Dr. Carson spoke at the National Prayer breakfast before President Obama.


I have always believed Dr. Ben Carson Sr. to be a courageous Christian man. This speech is one of the most courageous speeches before a President whose ideas he opposes. Please pray for this fine man, who probably should have been our president, whether black, white, green, gray or polka dotted.

I also want to call your attention to where the very best post on this subject appears.
 The Conservative Lady  has been writing brilliant posts for some time.  I cannot encourage you to read her posts enough.


Dani said...

Hectic - don't know whether I would've been able to make a decision to have half my child's brain removed - but there again, thankfully I have never be placed in the position of having to make that decision.

JaneofVirginia said...

When we think of all thing things that CAN go wrong with a human body, particularly that of a child, I am thankful to God for the things which haven't !

TC said...

Thankfully the camera operator finally focused on Dr. Carson and Michelle Obama with her smirking boredom, was out of the picture. Excellent speech. We need more people like Dr Carson to stand up.

JaneofVirginia said...

We certainly do. I wish Dr. Carson could run and become our next President. I want common sense and rationality. Every time I criticize Mr. Obama someone calls me a racist. It was never the color of the president with which I had a problem. It was always Mr. Obama's half baked socialist-leaning policies.
As for Michelle, at least we didn't have to see her eat.

The Conservative Lady said...

I'm glad you decided to do the post. It was very interesting to hear about the brain surgery Dr. Carson performed on that child. He is brilliant...quite a contrast to what's presently in the WH.

Linda said...

I voted for Obama both times and have criticized him the whole time! I am not a racist. Besides, I do not ridicule, just criticize polity. So, what was wrong with Michelle's eating?

JaneofVirginia said...

I had heard comments about Mrs. Obama's eating in the past, but I thought journalists were being picky and rude. Then, I watched the entire video in which she rolled her eyes at Speaker Boehner. Journalists have said she "eats like a wildebeast". I will just say she doesn't eat in a lady-like fashion and that this is suprizing for a first lady. I try to keep discussion on their policies though, because this is what I have concerns about.

JaneofVirginia said...

Dr. Carson is not only a bright man, but his memories of his life as a child of poverty who worked hard to become what he wished are very inspiring. In addition, he is genuinely down to Earth.