Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Government Seizure of Weapons or Harassment ?


   I know a fair number of SWAT members and varietal law enforcement members in Virginia.  For the most part, our law enforcement is very good and very ethical in Virginia.   We do have the recent case of Brandon Raub, the Marine who was held in a mental facility a great distance from his family, on a mental health hold when both the FBI and Chesterfield Police decided that his private Facebook page was apparently too critical for their tastes, but he has been released, and this was definitely a Virginia aberration.

            This week I came upon an account I had hoped was not true.

This is a personal account of how the Department of Homeland Security confiscated the guns of a respected FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed dealer)

             For those of you who wish more information.  This is the news account of these occurrences from KRQE.

            This story is the personal account of FFL holder, Robert Adams.   Adams is said to be a highly respected FFL dealer who has special licensure which has allowed him to keep antique weapons.

We all need to keep careful watch on the actions of our government with regard to our Second Amendment Rights.

For those who wish to do the additional reading, I have collected links from other less moderate sources than I am, who voice serious concern.    If the points that Robert Adams makes are true, then our government not only owes him all his guns back, restitution for the antique weapon broken, expenses for the mess in his home, and an apology.   This is definitely worth watching.

Department of Homeland Security Raids Dealer Who Did Not Violate the Law
DHS Raid Home of Robert Adams

This is Robert Adam's Business Website

         I have no difficulty with our government doing what they are meant to do, but there are a number of elements of this case which are disturbing.   Please read.


Matt said...

The witness was never shown. She could have been a investigator standing in that shadow shot for all we know (I think she was phony) and the reporter knew absolutely nothing about the weapons she was blathering on about.... or else she was deliberately misleading the viewers.

This KRQE idiot reporter rambles on about the weapons not being properly marked. What she won't admit to was that she was referring to serial numbers which Antiques weapons won't have! But most people won't realize this fact.

This news report was nothing but propaganda... that idiot comment about him living so close to a school was a dead giveaway to this point.

This is nothing but a setup to see how it plays in the public eye. It's gone over well so you can expect to see more of these raids shortly.

Confiscation, it seems, is here.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, and this is what is so frightening about this. This was a fishing expedition in which a huge number of guns were confiscated for no genuine reason.
We have rapists and murderers out there. We have child molesters out there. We have many many young people missing including Jonny Dorey and Ian Burnet but insufficient resources to look for them. Looking for criminals I understand. Demonizing firearms dealers, I don't.

lotta joy said...

I DO believe that the most thorough, and easy, way to confiscate our guns will be through home owner's insurance. All they will have to do is levy a large premium for liability PER GUN. Who of us will be able to afford that? And the only option would be to turn in our guns or face the loss of homeowner's insurance.

JaneofVirginia said...

Fewer and fewer people will be able to own homes, and so I think this mode would be a less complete mode than the ones they are attempting.

Re: Homeowners. Our Homeowner's Insurance was reasonable for 25 years wherever we lived, with several companies. We never once claimed on it, and this was why it stayed stable. Three years ago, following all the disasters all over the country our primary homeowners jumped significantly. This year, it jumped substantially, on both homes. Both homeowners policies are now 40% higher than they were, for the same coverage. Other companies did not offer savings, if they would insure us at all. If they rise much more, we will go without, and put away the large sum we spend for this annually toward a "rebuild the building which burned" fund. I know tons of older people who did not continue homeowners insurance when their home was paid off. For some of them it was about the restriction on the type of dog homeowners would let them have, for most though, it was the high price.

Matt said...

I'm seeing the insurance thing as a path for registration. If they can demand proof for on your income tax return for your health insurance, then then can also use the same thinking to find out if you have weapons in the home.