Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Retirees from Alphabet Agencies are Saying

                I had visions of keeping this blog about practical preparedness and family health issues. However, the people running the country not only have dropped the ball, they have squashed it, molested it, and then lost it, which leaves me, and many others, doing at least some degree of political postings with concern or commentary, in our  blogs.
                My own rural area in Virginia is a good place to be, if simply because when FBI and CIA agents and others of the alphabet agencies retire, they seek a rural place in which to hide, and this is often it.  They usually are good citizens, especially since the friendships and alliances they kept while working, are often kept afterward. They also all still carry weapons, and are often happy to teach those like me, who have only been carrying a concealed weapon for a few years.  I have a lot of alphabet agency friends, and some of my friends are current or former DEA agents.  These people tend to retire early, and then they are almost always interested in preparedness.  We chat about a lot of things, have very interesting perspectives, and they are great allies.
                 It seems that our fearless leader Mr. Obama,  saw fit to close nine border stations or facilities, and that this actions has encouraged Mexican drug cartels, which are not only flourishing in Mexico, to be enabled in terms of seeding to many areas within the United States.

            This is as large as this chart will post here.   This is where you may find the original, which may be able to be enlarged

              Make no mistake, while our federal government is talking "wealth distribution" and ideology tantamount to fascism, the Mexican drug cartels are making grand US inroads.  The Russian mafia is also said to be making inroads particularly into the finance industry.   Obama probably doesn't care as he was probably planning to give the country to them anyway, with a big red white and blue bow.