Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Update Interesting Products and Items

           Periodically,  I pass along information on products or services  I have learned about which may be interesting to some of you.  This is the latest list of interesting items which are worth mentioning.

        This is the Joseph Joseph adjustable and calibrated rolling pin.   I don't do a lot of baking or pastries, but if things get worse in our country, and we need to make more of our food at home, we all will need one of these.  This terrific device allows us to change the rings on the end of the rolling pin in order to adjust the size of the item we are rolling.  It is also calibrated, and made of beech.  This is available at a lot of stores online, run a quick internet search for best price.  It's also at any specialty kitchen store, if you wish to see one.

    I make a fair number of stews here, which make use of a lesser cut of beef which can be tenderized by crockpot cooking.  I add onions, some spices, and ultimately potatoes, carrots, some tomatoes, celery, and peas. When the whole thing solidifies in the frij. as leftovers later, I have been unhappy about the amount of obvious fat, even after I had tried to drain it off conventionally. Without the fat, the meal should be healthy and with a reasonable calorie and carb load.  The fat was making it less than healthy.    For $14.95 US on Ebay, I found this "Fat Magnet".    (No, it does not take extra fat off human beings !)     Just keep your Fat Magnet in the freezer  (I keep mine in a freezer bag in the freezer to keep it clean) and then during cooking of your meal, then skim the surface of your stew or other entree, and the fat is soaked up.   This is an important tool to have in the task of avoiding too much animal fat in our diets.  The directions come with the device, as well as a stand, which doubles as a way to scrape the fat off the metallic portion.  You should move quickly to remove the fat, because the the device becomes less effective as it heats to the temperature of the stew.
This is many times more effective than the paper towel I normally use.   I do suspect that a stainless steel ladle kept in the freezer would do something similar, but you could do both.   I use it by skimming the fat as I normally would do, and then using this device to get the fat I normally would leave.   I think it's worth having.

      This is a demonstration:


                  The Dolphin water pump allows us to pump water quickly and easily from a 5 or 6 gallon bottle.

From time to time, during outages or outdoor projects, we use one of these, and they really ARE easier than lifting and tilting a 5 or 6 gallon bottle.   The Dolphin brand is available on the internet, and truly is a hand pump with no batteries required.    There are many imitators.  I bought a knock off on Amazon which I cannot recommend.    Having one or two of the genuine Dolphin pumps as shown above is worth having.




Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe not neccesities, but practical, nonetheless.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Gorges, None of them are essential, but since many people are rediscovering making their own cakes, breads, cheese straws, and other items, sometimes even for freezing and eating later, the adjustable rolling pin can be quite a help. My grown kids have been enjoying the fat magnet. The gift of a dolphin pump along with a five gallon bottle of water during an outage, especially to an older person who has trouble lifting the bottle, could cement a friendship for a long time !

lotta joy said...

If you fill a ziploc bag and freeze it, you can also collect grease onto it as you slide it across your cooking pot or bowl.

The last time I had a rolling pin emergency (and I did) I used a wine bottle. lol That last statement made me chuckle.

JaneofVirginia said...

Lotta Joy, Thanks for your comments, and welcome ! I am honored to have someone as humorous (I was going to say funny, but that might not sound quite right) and as artistically talented, posting. You and Gorges are right. None of these products are essential to survival, but they can make life a bit easier while we are enduring something else ! Best wishes.

Matt said...

Jane, I'm trying to envision you with the "Good book" in the left hand and a rolling pin in the right...

Have a good Monday.

JaneofVirginia said...

Matt, I probably would keep the "good book" in the right hand, and the rolling pin in a bottom kitchen drawer. There are a number of things I do well, but I am afraid that cooking is probably not one of them. I am known for good salads,a few good entrees, a few good desserts, but most of all, I make great reservations ! LOL