Thursday, July 5, 2012

Confessions of a Closet Canadian

               All right. I am coming out.  I am a closet Canadian.  In Russia, after 9-11,  I even let them think I was Canadian !   As those of you who know me, already know, we have a summer place in Canada, and I love being there every minute that I can.  My paternal grandmother's ancestors were some of the first settlers from England and Scotland there, and are in the history books of Nova Scotia.    The time we spend there is never enough.  Of course part of the attraction is the land, the people and the lower temperatures than the American South, and some of it is that although we own a home there, we don't earn a living there, and so we are somewhat insulated from whatever the annoyances or drawbacks are to living probably anywhere on Earth.  For us it is a vacation paradise, and the lower population than the US, is simply a plus and this adds to the charm.

                Of course, with all the serious goings on in U.S. politics, and the dilutions of American freedoms, a lot of people here are joking about moving to Canada. This is quite impossible for most Americans, us included.  Canada fiercely protects it's borders, and it's citizen's jobs in a manner in which I wish the United States would.     Canada will also deport those who overstay the allotted time, and once you are deported,  you will never be permitted back, even for a visit !    This would be a terrible punishment !  So I am afraid my strategy to learn and to sing the Canadian National Anthem to Immigration next time I get off the plane in Halifax must remain tongue in cheek, for now. Rather than embracing me as a lost Canadian daughter, they are more likely to admit me to a hospital there for a supposed psychosis, and then bill my US insurance !

          So instead I will share my own special little commemorative song which I wrote in about five minutes, intended to be sung to the tune of the Canadian National Anthem  "Oh Canada".

                     "Jane's Canada"                   by Jane of Virginia

        With apologies to Canadians and to the Canadian government....

               Oh Canada,
               My glorious vacation land.
               Tim Horton's abound.....All over your gorgeous land.
               From the people so the crisp clean air,
               To the lobster on our plates.
               To the lovely trees and the honeybees..and the
               Lakes, the oceans and the streams

               Oh Canada
               Can I come live with you ?
               I will re-cycle the way you want me to.
               I'll learn the anthem if I can come to you !

          If you would like to hear the tune, and the real Canadian National Anthem, which is a good deal longer I have embedded it below. Keep in mind though, that Canada is not for slouches, with two official languages, (ou deux langues officiel). There is a French version of the National Anthem which you should learn too ! We'll leave out learning the Inuit version for now.


OK, so I must admit, we can't go and live in Canada, however, we CAN have terrific vacations there, which I completely and unconditionally recommend. Thanks also to all of you who have offered to sponsor us as a result of this post. This is just furthur proof of the decency and generosity of Canadians. For now, the post is simply intended for both your and my amusement and a tribute to my part-time homeland.


kymber said...

Jane - google went wonky??? so if this comes in as two comments please piece it together for me as only one - here goes:

Jane, on behalf of all Canadian people, we welcome you and yours with open arms!!! if our gov tries to deny you citizenship and the right to a job - i promise that i can get 50 people to rally for your cause. our government hates rallies and will relent.

we can offer you pretty good and free health care no matter where you choose to live. but if you choose Atlantic Canada then i can easily promise you under the table jobs as well.

we here in Atlantic Canada love an entrepreneuring (?) spirit and we embrace all who have one. you and yours will always have a place promise to a dear and sweet friend!

always in our thoughts and prayers! your friend,

JaneofVirginia said...

Kymber, Thank you dear friend for your kind words and for your organization of what we call in these parts, "your own posse", on behalf of our cause. With adult kids who have lives in the US, and as of next week, one of them has a house too, I think we may take up running back and forth. It is extremely sweet of you to offer to go to bat for us. I really do love Nova Scotia, and I really do know the REAL Canadian National Anthem. Love to you and yours !