Sunday, July 8, 2012

Does the Obama Administration Consider EVERYONE an extremist ?

These are some more people who might presently be classed as subversives........oops, to my way of thinking, many of them were patriots.  Perhaps we should be monitoring their descendants !

    There is a buzz among a number of my acquaintances.  It seems that a blog to which I don't subscribe, called "Off Grid Survival"  has published an entry in which they list the groups of people who would now be considered by the FBI as potentially "dangerous extremists".

Quoting from the blog itself the broadly redefined definiition includes the following people, whom the blog claims is likely to have an FBI file:

1.  Anyone who makes reference to the Bible.

Well, I do that fairly often.  There is great wisdom in the good book.  I don't think that people who use the Ten Commandments....are bad or unsafe people with whom to visit.

2.  Those who talk about the Constitution of the United States.

Well that's a funny thing.  I never mentioned the Constitution for most of my life, mostly because our government was adhering to it, and it was a yardstick for government programs and for legislation.  When it so clearly became circumvented and regarded as an archaic or quaint document, then yes, I mentioned it, along with millions of Americans who are asking what the heck is going on ?

3.  Those who speak about Supreme Court decisions.

EVERYONE is speaking of the Supreme Court decision in which Obamacare was upheld as a tax !
Our government is now permitted to tell us that we can buy anything they wish us to, and precedent has been set that it will simply be a tax.     First, it's health insurance, then if Mrs. Obama gets a second term, it will be fat free mayonnaise, then the second year of Mr. Obama's second term, it will be an American hybrid car, so that we may stimulate our downed economy !

4. Those who talk about treaties with foreign governments.

Most people oppose Europe or any other failing economic system to dictate edicts which impede the sovreignty of the United States.   Who in their right mind would be FOR treaties which removed the right for Americans to have guns under any circumstances, and who removed the ability for people in the US to homeschool, or to use vitamin or mineral supplements ?   Yet all of this is being perpetrated as we speak.

5.  Those who may socialize and speak of their ideology.

This is so broad it's ridiculous.   If I talk canning at the church supper, does that make me a survivalist or a realist ?   Oops, I'm at a church supper.  Does THAT alone, but me a place on a list ?

6.  Those who refer to themselves as "Constitutionalists" or "free men".

I have two friends who are former professors of  law, one at the University of Virginia, and one at the University of Richmond.  These are hardly hotbeds of dissident thought !  One of them wrote speeches for a very prominent political figure who is a democrat.  They each talk of "The Constitution" constantly because, I suppose, they are Constitutional scholars.   Does this make them dissidents ?  When I speak of the Constitution in my comparatively limited way to them, does this do the same to me ?

Take a look at the article:

By broadest of definition, most of the people in nursing homes, elementary schools, police departments, hospitals, some universities, hardware stores,  churches, feed stores, pharmacies, doctor's offices, etc. are extremists.  It started with the "food and mayonnaise police"  and it looks as if it's trending toward "thought police" as well.

I think the list is incomplete.    It doesn't include mothers,  homeschoolers,  people who actually have jobs, people who buy gasoline for cars, people who pay taxes,  Wal-Mart shoppers, those who coupon shop to buy ahead,  those with a retirement account, homeowners, those with a student loan, those who participated in a tea party as children, or  fathers.  Believe me, all of these people are presently disgruntled as they watch the the United States sink into oblivion, taking the world with it.
        OK,  I will accept that I have an FBI file because I have a blog on the subject of "Rational Preparedness".   Just so long as everyone I have mentioned in the list above has one too.
 What's next ?   Using armed patriot missiles to blow up cars which commit traffic infractions ?


Gorges Smythe said...

HONEST governments need fear no-one.

JaneofVirginia said...

Never was more truth spoken, Gorges.

kymber said...

Jane - your last 3 paragraphs would be hysterically funny if they weren't true. that report is beyond nuts. and i don't know what else to say???

i gotta get you moved to Canada ASAP! your friend,

JaneofVirginia said...

Kymber, There are some days when I would like to come ! However, I have adult children who have jobs and a daughter with a house here. We have a farm here. I don't know what their outlook would be there, or if they could even come to live there. If the US sinks badly, as a trading partner to Canada, Canada would be hurt also. For now, I must do what I can to do positive things here in the US. We are very fortunate though that we love Canada, and can come even as visitors. We are also most fortunate to know lovely people like you and Jam !

Matt said...

The whole idea is made simple to me when I look at number 6 on your list. Just exactly what side of the fence are "they" on that "they" would fear those that consider themselves free men?

To me that says it all very simply. "They" must endorse some sort of slavery in order to fear those that value freedom.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes Matt, There is so much about it that is chilling. Other than vote voraciously and engage other in the same, and be prepared for a national collapse, I don't know what more we can do.