Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One of the Reasons I am Fond of Russians

I have spent most of my life being raised in the United States where we were taught as a nation in the 1960s and for a time beyond that the Russians were unpredictable vile people with bad food, whose intent was to take us over at first opportunity. You can imagine my surprize when as a adult, I spent a month in Russia finding a fascinating culture, a respect for the arts, and a generosity of spirit which is rare. They may have little, but they would give you half. I also found some of my favorite food in the world ! In my own experience, Russians are a passionate people, who don't suffer fools gladly, and rarely keep their feelings to themselves.
This fabulous video, though a shade on the disrespectful side, is something many Americans have been doing lately. This newscaster, Tatiana Limanova is covering the APEC from Honolulu.

I have replaced this video three times as it is repeatedly being pulled from YouTube.
If you wish to see it, it should be more permanently here:


In defense of Ms. Limonova, she claims to have been doing voiceovers when people working with her were distracting her. Her gesture is intended for them, and she claims that the mention of President Barack Obama is simply incidental. It gave us all quite a laugh though.

UPDATE: As of today, news sources are reporting that Ms. Limonova has been taken off the air by her employer REN-TV. If you oppose her removal, please post here: Thank you.


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