Monday, November 14, 2011

Founder of Diaspora, Dead at 22

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, 22,  a co-founder of the startup social networking site Diaspora that put an emphasis on privacy and user-control, has died, a Diaspora spokesman announced today.
The cause of Zhitomirskiy's death in San Francisco, is not yet known. An autopsy by the San Francisco's Medical Examiner's Office will no doubt release more solid information in a week or two. Although there is broad speculation regarding suicide, this has not yet been determined or ascertained.
This is disturbing on many levels and for so many of us. As the parent of a child who died young, I can only too clearly imagine the feelings and perspectives of this young man's friends and family. Additionally, the world has lost a very fine mind, who valued social networking AND privacy controls for the personal information for Diaspora members. As the mother of young men this man's age, I am struck by the sorrow and the waste of this soul, whose fantastic contributions to this Earth, are now complete. I send the condolences of my family, to his.
Ilya's remembrance page is:

UPDATE:   As of December 14, 2011, we have no official cause of death from toxicology reports obtained during Ilya's autopsy. The death is surmised to be a suicide, without conclusive evidence as yet.  We send our best wishes to his family and his friends. This is a great loss for the technology world, and for our own as a whole.

UPDATE:  As of December 23, 2011, no final official cause of death has been concluded or announced by the Medical Examiner's office.  

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