Sunday, November 13, 2011

Annandale Fireflies

       Lately the posts here have been focused on one crisis or concern after another, and it has been my intent to balance a little better our concerns for the future, and living in the present with conservative means.  For this reason, I have chosen to profile this company, before Christmas with sufficient time that if you have young people in your family who might enjoy these products, that you could have one made and sent to you before Christmas.  This was actually one of my sponsors when I did the radio program.

   Annandale Fireflies is a youth market custom jewelry shop which designs and manufactures unusual, virtually one of a kind items. It's quite a conversation piece. The rare Earth powder in each item is a non- phosphorus item which allows the interior dust to glow but is not radioactive, like fireflies.   Please take a look.  These glow in the dark necklaces are only available on Etsy from this particular site.
      Perhaps at least we can put our concerns aside for long enough to consider some holiday shopping.
Hope your making of things and selecting of holiday items is going well.

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