Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Dental Emergency Kit

Dental Emergency Kit sold by Landfall

Another very good dental emergency kit by Traveler's Supply,
only $24.95


   Last week, I went out to dinner with my husband when a very small piece of molar broke off during dinner.  On reporting to the dentist, the following day, I found that there had been some problem with the filling in that tooth, and that this had weakened it sufficiently to allow a small portion of the actual tooth to break off.  I was fortunately able to get a dentist's appointment quickly, and have this repaired.  The new polymers which look white, were used, to which I appear somewhat sensitive, and I have been in pain ever since.  It is therefore not surprising that I would want to make a post on your establishing an emergency dental kit for your preparations.
                     The first and most important thing to do is to make sure you have established a business relationship with a good dentist so that if there IS a disaster, you would still have someone who could see you and help you in an extreme dental emergency.  Yes, some of them will work on Saturdays and Sundays in an emergency, but not if you have not seen them before.  Secondly, it's important that you address any known dental problems you have. Infected or abscessed teeth cannot simply result in the loss of the tooth and a lot of pain, but also in heart lining infections which can produce death.  Rarely, a brain infection can occur following an infected tooth.  General health can be adversely impacted as a result of dental neglect.    Fortunately, in much of the world, dental care is less expensive than it is in the United States.   When we were in Russia, I spent considerable time looking in the hotel menu of dental services, wishing that I could have my regular dental work done at such reasonable prices !  In many parts of the world, dental care is a good value.
                  Following addressing known problems and maintaining your teeth and gums as your dentist directs. there are some other things you can and should do, in anticipation of emergencies.  One is to get sufficient Vitamin C.  Since our bodies cannot store Vitamin C, we need some each day.  Without Vitamin C, gum diseases accelerate, and without healthy gums, our gums recede, and we accelerate the process of losing our teeth.  Many nations are good about this, and in Russia, people are liberal with lemon juice as a means of getting their Daily C.  In Europe, oranges are very popular in one form or another.  In the US, Vitamin C appears to slide just a little more.  With the skyrocketing costs of orange juice, this isn't a breakfast staple anymore.  Look at your diet and your supplements. Are you receiving a sufficient amount ?
                 Make sure you are getting adequate calcium. If you are a pregnant woman or nursing mother, your calcium requirements are higher. If you are a person taking thyroid hormones, estrogen supplements following menopause,  drugs to correct osteoporosis, or someone with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, you may also need calcium supplementation and additional Vitamin D.
                 Next, you should establish a dental emergency kit.  The two above are excellent examples.
These do not allow you to repair your own teeth or become your own family dentist, but they do allow you to make it to the dentist's appointment at the end of the week without going mad in pain. They will allow you to temporarily fill a lost filling.
             My favorite kit can be purchased from:

It contains:

Dental examining gloves
Dental examining mirror
Dental tweezers
Dental exploring point
Dental spatula
Dental wax
Dental floss
Dentemp filling material
Dentemp crown & bridge cement
Dental ointment for cold sores
Dental ointment for canker sores
Salt sticks
Cotton stick
Cotton rolls
Cotton balls
Cotton gauze pads
Toothbrush with toothpaste
Toothache drops (eugenol oil of cloves)
Emergency Dental Treatment Instructions
It sells for $34.95 US.

        Fortunately, there are a number of kits available in many places which contain filling material and directions. I would also recommend getting something like Oragel or Anbesol, which basically is Benzocaine 20%. Using a small amount around the gum of a tooth which is painful can be a big help at times.

This kit is only $19.99 from

A good kit enables you to deal with toothache; loss of a filling, crown or cap; a tooth fracture; gum irritation and sores, or irritation from braces, or new dentures. This kit is used for emergencies only and is not intended to replace regular professional dental care or when available, emergency dental care.

This one is a Hiker's dental kit:

Hiker's Emergency Dental Kit, available at Landfall, above.


       Also, the other thing I have found is that many fillings, done at the dentists particularly those filled with the newer quickly setting polymers do not seem to provide the same level of hot cold protection as did the amalgam fillings.   I am extremely sensitive to cold when I eat, to the point at which I am not requesting "no ice" in anything.   There is a line of Sensodyne and similar toothpastes which help the user's teeth to be less sensitive to temperature changes, following dental repair.

       There are also simply Den-temp kits which for two or three dollars provides emergency filling material. This is the same material that your dentist uses to temporarily fill a tooth.  You can build your own dental emergency kit around a two or three dollar Den-Temp filling kit.  Please follow the directions for use exactly. These kits do expire eventually, and do best when stored in a heated and cooled environment, so pay attention to where they are housed, and to their expiration dates.  (They do work for some months past their stated date of expiry)

        There is one other thing I should mention.  If you or a child ever lose a viable tooth due to trauma or accident. Save the tooth, place it in cool milk and head to a dentist immediately.  A surprisingly large number of teeth can be reimplanted and anchored temporarily, while the the re-placed tooth regrows roots.
      I hope this post is helpful to you.


Jessie said...

Must admit that you are one of the coolest bloggers I ever saw.

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JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Jessie,
I think there will be more blog posts on dental subjects because people need to know how to manage the more common dental issues when they occur.

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Karan Johar said...

I hope you will share this with your colleagues. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say, too!

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JaneofVirginia said...

I do not generally allow advertising on the blog for people I have not used personally, but if anyone is in the area, this dentist is at least interesting in educating the public in terms of emergency care and its availability. Thanks for posting.

JaneofVirginia said...

Most of my collegues have not signed up to "follow" the blog per se, but they do sign on now and again and comment to me, usually in the areas in which they have expertise. Interestingly, emergency dental care, and getting in to see a dentist on an emergent basis is of great interest to everyone worldwide.

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Alfie Lewis said...

The dental emergency kit is very important for treatment of your teeth to destroy your problems related teeth. It has many tools like screw, brush, medicine etc.
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JaneofVirginia said...

Actually, the dental emergency kits I am advocating are not intended to treat dental problems, per se. They are intended to provide dental first aid while you are in the process of locating or traveling to a dentist. These do not contain a "screw" of any kind.

Trinidad said...

A dental emergency kit comes in handy especially in situations when your son/daughter has a problem with their teeth or gums, and your personal dentist isn't around or you’re in a long vacation. But, you need to be sure that these kits are properly sanitized in order to avoid infections in your teeth. Bacteria tend to thrive in equipment if they are not properly cleaned and sanitized.

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JaneofVirginia said...

Trinidad, The emergency dental kits I am advocating are designed for one time use. Once the small portions of filling material are opened and placed, and the directions are followed to a tee, the kit should be thrown away and replaced, thus diminishing concerns for a need to sanitize such articles. Of course, anyone using a dental emergency kit needs to see a dentist as soon as possible. This will not only potentially save the tooth, but can prevent bacterial infections in the tooth, mouth or gums which migrate to the endocardium. Such infections of the heart following a failure to obtain dental work have resulted in death.

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You just need to be careful when you're looking around for a local emergency dentist and take the time to check their particular experience before letting them perform any dental work or treatments.

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JaneofVirginia said...

This is true. There are a wide range of dentists, skills and techniques being employed depending upon when they completed dental residencies and where. It took me years to find a really great team.

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JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you for posting. I have used my own dental emergency kit twice each time on a weekend. Then, she was able to see me the Monday afterward for a repair. Then, I replaced my kit to keep the Temparin in it as fresh as it needs to be. It was worth the amount paid for the Dental Emergency Kit to be comfortable and to prevent additional damage until I got to the dentist.

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JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you Kaieza, I try to bring important posts on general preparedness to everyone, as often as possible.

Jannah Delfin said...

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JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks so much for posting. I will continue to blog about important preparation issues, and good products which help us to that end. These kits have been beneficial to our family more than once as we bridged a day or two until our dental appointment.

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