Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thoughts to Belgium


Brussels Airport, in happier and safer times.

       On a preparedness forum it is not always possible to address all of our eras terrorist attacks, or political issues. Sometimes attacks or political issues do bleed into our reasons for seeking to be prepared. I have compassion for all of the people in all of the places in the world who are being attacked in terrorist actions. It is natural, however, since we all write things of which we know, that I would choose to write about a terrorist attack in a place where I know families who reside there.

               This morning,  according to Belgian broadcaster VRT , there have been two explosions at the airport in Brussels and one explosion in a subway station also in Brussels. The Belgians had been anticipating an Islamic extremist attack following the attacks in France. As of this hour, 34 people are confirmed dead and 150 have been injured, the result of all three of these attacks. Since some of the injured are critically injured, more deaths are anticipated. Belgium has raised its terror threat level to the highest level possible.

               Also reported is that the subway station that was bombed is located in the area in which the European Union is located.

               There is no official confirmation yet that these attacks are the result of Islamic extremism, although it is likely, as ISIS has been looking for ways to attack the European Union, and Belgium specifically.
                We send our best wishes and prayers to the people of Belgium during this very challenging time. We send condolences and prayers as well to those who have lost loved ones or have had loved ones injured in these attacks.  Stay safe, my friends.


We have official confirmation that ISIS has claimed responsibility for these attacks.