Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Find A Redoubt



     By definition, a redoubt is a place that protects or holds a way of life.  It came to English from the 16th century French word redoute.   In Italy, the word is ridotta  It has evolved to mean a fort or fortification, often for soldiers.  It is also sometimes used to describe a secret fortification of place of safety. Most simply, it is a place of retreat.

                Over the last seven years on this blog I have been regularly providing reasonable advice for families either in the Americas or overseas.  I have felt called to pass along whatever information I have garnered in our own family's quest for some degree of self sufficiency.  It seemed to us, some years ago, that infrastructure wasn't being maintained. It seemed to us that the political and governmental figures who are being paid to protect us not only know little of the countries who are presently our adversaries, but nothing of their history and almost none of our own.  We were concerned about the large debts being taken on by our nation, and by some of  its general spending habits.

                  General education in the US, and to some degree worldwide has deteriorated.  Students might know how to set up excel spreadsheets, but they likely don't know who their congressman is. If something is 20% off, almost no one can calculate or estimate the reduction without a device of some kind.  Meanwhile, the educational systems of the Third World have improved. Many other nations are tapping their youth, educating them for productive employment and in turn, developing products which go head to head with our own.

               I can't tell you whether there will be a US or worldwide collapse. I do know that I see ineptitude, inappropriate spending, and a widespread discussion of issues other than the true economic ones. It simply makes sense to regulate your own family spending. It makes sense to become as self sufficient as is reasonably possible. This way, you and your family will have some degree of insulation from a world which could see an economic collapse of some kind.

            Perhaps your redoubt is an apartment in a small town with a low rent where you have a job where you are saving money.  Your focus can be departing quickly should things at that location deteriorate. You have the very real benefit of easy mobility.    Perhaps your redoubt is a small cabin on its own acreage, adjacent to a national forest.  You don't have much storage, but what you do have is well organized and prepared for the long haul.  Perhaps you have a single wide trailer on some good land where you already grow a portion of your family's food. You have a very real advantage of not looking as if you are wealthy or have abundant supplies. This can be a great advantage.   Perhaps you have already invested heavily in a redoubt which is best described as a prepper palace.  This is a great structure to have and affords lots of storage, but remember not to neglect plans for evacuation for not only you but your animals as well.    It doesn't really matter what you choose.  Choose what you can afford, and a location in which you are comfortable and secure.  It's time to find a redoubt, preferably away from urban centers.