Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Monolithic Dome Homes Offering

                      I am not endorsing this particular offering, because I am not in construction, and this is not what I do, but I did want to call it to your attention. It is indeed one of the housing options available to people, at least in certain areas.  In my own area, dome homes have not historically done well.  When it's time to resell, banks consider them risky and so they often resell, at least in Virginia for very little money.  When painting or repairs are necessary, finding the right contractor at least in Virginia, can be tough. My daughter considered a huge monolithic dome home with a basement when she was looking at pre-existing homes before her eventual purchase of a house. I loved it, but it wasn't her choice.

 Always do all of your own due diligence in any offering.  I do know that this will be of interest to some of you.

                        Author DW Pressler has announced that he is acting as the bank for a series of projects he is undertaking.  DW and his wife bought a number of lots in Florida for development.  His intention is to build monolithic concrete construction homes.

Directly from his post about these homes:

(These photos and the copy in large italicized print is the work product of DW Pressler)

The two bedrooms at the opposite end would also have a deck surrounding the entire structure.  Air Flow is crucial in a monolithic concrete structure so as to prevent high humidity that can cause mold and mildew.  This home if completed would have used dirt bermed on the sides for insulation.  Spray foam insulation in 1983 was both expensive and rarely used.  Today these homes will have up to 3 inches of 3lb closed cell foam applied to the exterior eliminating moisture and heat from touching the concrete while insulating.

No bearing walls is why these structures are considered indestructible.  This is the method of construction used by the Germans to build the bunkers on Normandy Beaches.  Those structures are still there after the Allies tried to bomb them in hopes of destroying them, they failed.  Post divorce the new owners began to tear down this structure.  First an excavator was hired and when the excavator bucket hit that gunite and rebar it bounced right back at the operator.  Second, a wrecking ball was brought in that too bounced off.  Finally concrete cut saws with carbide tips and this structure was cut down.  Six inches of gunite up to the 4 foot level tapering down to 4 inches at the top over #3 rebar every 12 inches.  Indestructible.

The Plan

You the buyer pick one of our lots in the Port Charlotte area (Fort Myers - Naples) on the west coast of Florida.  This area is the least expensive other locations in Florida are also available at a higher price.  20 acres south of Tallahassee, Rainbow Springs, Astor, Inglis, Marineland Acres, Inglewood, River Oaks East, Riverbend on the St Johns.  Your lot is possible but title to lot will be quit claimed to DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie if requesting my financing.
On our lots with $10,000 down and depending on extras and final cost of home approximately $1,000 per month for 10 years you own your home.  NO homeowners insurance is even more savings plus living close to off the grid in a home that you will not have to evacuate during whatever event comes.  

This home used port holes for windows but any style of window can be framed in and sealed once 3 inches of closed cell foam is applied to the exterior.
A 4 foot X 6 foot horizontal window was framed in on the first floor.  The main structure due to its arch strength allows a second story to be added either by concrete, wood, aluminum framing.  This structure if it had been completed would have had a deck encompassing the entire second level adding more living space.  Once your indestructible main structure is built adding additional modules is simple.  Due to no air leaks and exterior closed cell foam the interior then becomes a confined space and easily regulated with minimal used energy.  These homes will also include composting toilets (outlet for conventional toilet in foundation) and grey water system with a option for a cistern.

Gulf Access 

  SAVE $50,000 Pre Construction

 Inglis, Florida  Hudson Street

Will be going for permitting to build on one of our lots in Levy County, Florida  Inglis.  This lot has access to the Gulf of Mexico via Yankee Town.  Want to save and have input on floor plan and extras contact me and I will save you $50,000 from what this home will be sold for.  Remember Owner Financing No homeowners insurance saves you MONEY.

Cold Yet?  Come on down and live in Paradise without the fear of hurricanes and tornadoes.Monolithic Concrete Construction

  ( End of DW Pressler work product)

 He can be contacted at www.safedomes.com

David W Pressler      954 370 7944