Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Thoughts On Open Carry

Looks like an easy take to me, so long as you understand the holster release mechanism.

  Sometimes people with whom I am acquainted ask me why I have gone to the trouble of getting a concealed weapons permit. Why did I pay for and take classes, buy a specialized conceal carry holster, and pay for the license itself when I could have open carried my weapon all along ?   Sometimes I have answered flippantly and others I have answered seriously.  Sometimes I have said, "Because I am not a cop".  Other times I have simply told the truth which is a bit more complex. When one open carries you will be the first person the active shooter takes out. Not having a death wish, particularly when I am out and around with my kids, it makes sense to me to carry concealed.  Few expect a thin woman who could well be a simple housewife to be both armed and trained. Also, if I were to open carry, I am advertising that I not only have a weapon that could potentially be stolen and used not only on me, but on my family, as well.  I am also inadvertently advertising that I not only carry, but I carry a rather desirable weapon. I therefore never open carry, and I work hard to ensure that my concealed weapon is truly concealed.  This can be a tall order in Summer.

    On January 29, Newport News, Virginia police reported that a 37 year old man who was open carrying was forced to the ground by two African American assailants. They allegedly grabbed his gun from the holster and fled.   I have included the link below should you wish to see the assailants in the event that you believe you may recognize them.

     It is very important not to relinquish our weapon. We must all take as many precautions as possible in order to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals.  Don't advertise your weapon by carrying openly. There are plenty of people stupid enough to risk being shot in order to obtain your weapon.   I like to believe that my situational awareness is good enough that anyone attempting such a thing would be shot in the broadest part of their torso. I cannot guarantee this, and so my weapon is always concealed.

        Please think about this.  Keep your family and others safe from others who would steal a weapon from a law abiding citizen.