Sunday, January 3, 2016

URGENT: Learn All You Can About the Oregon Situation

  The present US regime has developed a habit over the last six years or so of snubbing the US Constitution, and making up the rules as they go along.   The founding fathers called this tyranny.

     The present regime cannot continue its tyranny without disarming the citizenry, and this is why Mr. Obama via Executive Order wishes to enact some form of gun control this week.

       There have been warnings for some time that the Federal Government is out of control and is not observing the US Constitution.

Please see:

for background information on the tyranny of which I speak.


Statement from Harney County Sheriff regarding 'militia' group in Burns, Oregon.

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 A group consisting of armed militia members, both men and women,  are occupying a federally owned Department of Wildife Building, in Oregon. They have a comprehensive laundry list of a number of issues which range from not listening to their views and needs as ranchers, to egregious oversteps and abuse of power on the part of the federal government.  Apparently, anyone who does not wish to sell their land to the Federal government when they ask is deemed a terrorist, although the entire matter is much more complex.

Here are articles explaining this highly complex case with both the militia side and the federal government side:

         This was inevitable.   A militia group bound by the Laws of the Constitution consisting of a number of former Marines who swore to defend the US Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic is in direct opposition to the Obama Regime.

         Please pray for the safety of these patriots and their families.    Please read all about this situation.  Please decide where you are on this matter.  I believe that I would have been in agreement with the local judge who sentences the two ranchers to three months imprisonment, which both served some time ago.  I do not support the federal overstep in which the federal government, after the individuals had already served their time,  felt that the sentence was insufficient and ordered five years.  All over the United States and the world, this regime is making oversteps.   They cannot slaughter these men without backlash if the entire world is watching.

  Remember that  (broadly paraphrased)  all that is necessary for evil to succeed in the world is if the good people say and do nothing.

  Please watch this situation closely.