Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update on the Murder of Alexander Litvinenko

Alexander Litvinenko before his death  (  )

                 Alexander Litvinenko was a former Russian citizen who came to London to live with his wife Marina and three children.  He had been a former agent of the KGB and later of the FSB while Vladimir Putin ran both operations.  Litvinenko was murdered in 2006.   A particularly rare isotope of polonium 210 was added to his tea and resulted in a painful deterioration and death within a British hospital.   This not only killed Litvinenko but exposed a number of people during the public transport of the polonium, in the tea room and in days when nurses and physicians cared for the patient when they did not yet know why he was dying.

                  It took a lengthy British inquiry before the results of the investigation was released today.
It has long been surmised that Vladimir Putin himself ordered the murder of Litvinenko using this rare isotope which is exclusively available to the Russian military.

The results of the report can be found here:

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