Friday, January 8, 2016

More Available Prepper Homes

This is a reasonably priced prepper home.

                I try to balance this blog in terms of providing useful and educational health information. I try to introduce useful preparedness information. Sometimes, preparedness and the need to prepare gives way to news and political information.  I also try to relate something about trends in the world and in American culture.
                Some time ago I mentioned that a great many "prepper" or survivalist homes have gone up for sale. In a prior series I explored why this is occurring.  Some simply age out of their large preparedness home. Others have had a spouse die or become ill and are no longer able to live in a secluded location far from top medical care. Others have completed the original task and have chosen either to move out of the country and replicate their preparedness home, or to build something much larger to meet the needs of their adult children or to include their parents.  In any event, a lot of preparedness homes come up for sale periodically. Some are quite expensive, but others provide what you may need including some acreage, at a reasonable price.  Periodically, I profile one or two of these.

                Keep in mind, I am not a realtor. I do not know the owners of these properties. I can't vouch for anything.  Do your own due diligence and get any inspections you should. 

                There are many things which recommend Tennessee as a good place to live for preppers.

Information between the two sets of undulating lines is the work product of Ed Cawthorne and appeared in Survival as of the date of this post.

         The home below is already living off grid and can be accessed only using a 4 wheel drive vehicle. If this level of seclusion is of interest to you, read further.


The Ideal Getaway – Off Grid Home

89,900  10.8 acres  Ed Cawthorne 

Property is remotely located approximately 30 minutes away from Lobelville, TN in Perry County. Home has 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Sleeper sofa increases sleeping capacity to 8. Main bath has stacked washer & dryer. Deep well with good water supply. 20kW gasoline powered generator located in storage building with a 3kW back-up generator. Home is heated with LP non-vented heaters in each room except bathroom. Cathedral ceiling in living room/ kitchen area with exposed beams. There is a 20′ by 20′ deck on rear of house and a large covered porch on front. There are no neighbors nearby and home is located at the end of a dead end road. Property is accessible by 4WD only due to the rough terrain. There are literally thousands of acres for ATV riding. Home is about 1.5 miles from Tennessee River. Kitchen is equipped with an LP range and a full-sized RV refrigerator powered by LP or electricity.