Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Passing of a Valued Canine Friend


Jared, who will be sorely missed.

            It's hard to put a value on a fine dog.  A good dog can be simply a sentry, a watchdog or a dog who can corral or protect livestock.  I once had a golden labrador who would let me know just before my black labrador would have a seizure. Sometimes, a dog is simply a trusted companion, and that is all we need him to be. Dogs can also be an excellent deterrent to the robbery of your home, or to home invasion. Having an excellent dog can be one of your most important preparedness and survival strategies.  A good dog need not have been initially expensive. All of mine have come as rescues, and none of them have disappointed me.  Once acquired, although the vet can delegate some health maintenance tasks to you, a good vet is essential in terms of keeping your investment and friend healthy, and heading happily into old age.

                     I have been very fortunate in that since my childhood I have had the pleasure and the responsibility of having had many groups of dogs. In childhood, they walked me to the rural bus stop and would arrive somehow about fifteen minutes before I would arrive again to come home. Most of my dogs, even in childhood, lived to be a ripe old age.  In my childhood, responsible pet ownership comprised feeding them and a rabies shot.  Many of my dogs in childhood never saw a vet for anything other than a rabies shot and if they were female, for spaying.  As an adult, my dogs have required much more.  Heartworm which is endemic in my state, Lyme Disease, Erlichia and other diseases have necessitated more vet checks, more funds spent and a more thoughtful and attentive approach than dog care was in my youth. This has been worth the trouble and the investment.

               A dear member of our canine family who enjoyed a long life, passed yesterday.   Please consider opening your home to a rescue dog.  If you do, hold on to him through thick and thin and through your own lifetime.  The life you save could be your own.

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