Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Don't You Wan't to See A Woman President ?"

I'll bet Adolph Hitler would have liked Hillary Clinton's comment on "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child also"

                               "Don't you want to see a woman President next time ?" the woman asked me.   She was working to elect Hillary Clinton, and although I didn't say this to her, I don't think that Mrs. Clinton should be anything other than a grandmother to her grandchild.  Normally, I don't discuss politics here in Virginia as it can be a dangerous thing to do.  This time, I didn't stay quiet.  "No, actually I am completely disinterested in whether the next president is female, black, white, Asian, or Hispanic.   I am interested in the next President having integrity, living in the real world, making strong economic choices for the US, and actually working toward the interests of the United States.    The list of why Hillary Clinton is unsuitable would fill a book, not a blog entry.

                               Mrs. Clinton stood by her man when he sullied the actual oval office having sexual contact with a starry eyed intern.  She didn't understand that he not only cheated on her, but he cheated on all of us by sullying the office, and on our time, during the workday. Her husband may have a sexual addiction, but Mrs. Clinton is an enabler. She tolerates the intolerable if it benefits her.     While the Clintons were in the White House, FBI files were collected and not returned. I am not sure if the deaths which occurred around them had anything whatever to do with them, or whether they simply run with a suicidal, depressed or risk taking crowd.
                                When Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State she hired a Ma and Pop operation to be a private server for her, so that her communications were secret, not only from us, but from the prying eyes of government. Since Secretary of State communications are all governmentally confidential and can ,at the very least,  reveal the whereabouts of dignitaries making them open to security risk and potential assassination.

                                Most disturbing to me is that when the State Department employees called for help in Benghazi, the CIA safe house nearby and others who could have gotten there, were told to stand down.  Like most liars, when questions by Congress on this point, Mrs. Clinton feigned anger.  "What difference does it make now ? "    It makes a great deal of difference.  We may not keep everyone in the State Department safe at their posts all over the world, but we don't throw them to the lions either.

                                Irregularities with regard to the Clinton Family Foundation are so complex that they should be fully investigated.  When we hold high office, we need not only to avoid wrongdoing but the appearance of impropriety of well.  It looks as if Mrs. Clinton was peddling influence to other nations who contributed to her pet projects. Only a full investigation will reveal whether this is true or not.   So, to anyone who is asking, I don't choose a President because we have matching genitals. I don't choose one because our skin tone might match.  I look for integrity, honesty, decency, and a desire to help all Americans, not just splinter groups who contributed to getting elected.  The rest of America might think about this, this time, because the very survival of this nation depends upon it.  Our country won't survive another president who works for someone else other than the United States of America.