Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Introducing "The Journal: Cracked Earth"


               I have been lucky enough to have known Deborah for years.   I consider her a good friend and an absolute expert in all aspects of family preparedness and varietal regional disaster management.
   The Journal did not begin as a novel but as a teaching tool in a group we attend in order to acquire mental preparedness and as an aid to excellent preparedness planning.  The result of the exercise in Deborah's hands, was not just a superb teaching tool, but an entertaining book as well. 
              In this book, Deborah unfolds the story of a rural region's challenges following a significant earthquake.  There are many lessons to be learned as she takes us through the survival of her own family and loved ones.

               The Journal: Cracked Earth represents the beginning of a fictional series, which should not be missed.

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